8&unders Rock the Races

8&Under Rock n’ Races

Last Saturday, the 8&unders battled it out for the best meet of the year. All 8&unders were divided into 2 separate teams – The Red Reindeer and The Green Elves. Coaches coached and swimmers swam. 

Red Reindeer boys scored 242 points and girls scored 643.

Green Elf boys scored 697 points and the girls scored 621.

Below are the top 3 swimmers who placed in each event! Great racing by all!

25 freestyle: Kumi Sasaki, Aurora Brame-Goldthwaite, Eleonore Ness, William Booker, Wyatt Horne, Cai Sisk

25 breaststroke: Tate Gibson, Eleonore Ness, Penny Hemmingway, Gabe Guillamondegui, Krish Nachnani, Ryker Henth

100 free: Aurora Brame-Goldthwaite

50 backstroke: Maya Conrad, Lauren Glenn, Wyatt Horne, William Booker, Gabe Guillamondegui

25 butterfly: Kumi Sasaki, Aurora Brame-Goldthwaite, Marin Rorex

50 freestyle: Kumi Sasaki, Zara Campos, Isabel Romero, Wyatt Horne, William Booker, Cai Sisk

100 IM: Aurora Brame-Goldthwaite, Zara Campos, Wyatt Horne, William Booker, Gabe Guillamondegui

25 backstroke: Tate Gibson, Lucy Hernandez, Spring Shan, Krish Nachnani, Cai Sisk

50 breaststroke: Kumi Sasaki, Isabel Romero, Wyatt Horne

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