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TAC Weekly Letter

Quote for the week:

"There are only two options regarding commitment. You are either in, or you are out. There is no such thing as life in-between."

~Pat Riley


Your 2018 board members:


President: Laurie Bergvall

Phone: 360-333-2052

Email: lauriebergvall@gmail.com


Vice President: Niabi Drew

Phone: 360-914-8132

Email: ethernuts@gmail.com


Treasurer: Rob Hoxie

Phone: 360-299-9218

Email: mapmanrob@hotmail.com



Secretary: Lissa Snowman

Phone: 206-234-5510

Email: lissasnowman@hotmail.com


Parent Rep: Elton Erickson

Phone: 360-610-9354

Email: eltonerickson1974@gmail.com


Parent Rep: Silvy Yamazaki

Phone: 408-688-6080

Email: syamasj@aol.com


Parent Rep: Monica Harris

Phone: 360-421-1497

Email: monicacharris2@msn.com


You Can Sign up for January Challenge

Our next home meet is right around the corner, time to get online and sign up. Please remember that if you dont declare "yes" or "no" TAC will sign you up for the meet.


Check out the team feed



We had some nice swims this weekend go check it out.


Yes Saturday Practice

We do have regular practice this Saturday.


PNS 14 and under Champs

We had a great PNS Champs. Three team records were broken.


Zach Harris, he swam a 2:49 in his 200 breaststroke and broke the 11-12 boys record. That was previously held by Jacob Hoxie.

Trey, Noah, Peter and Zach, broke the 200 free relay record and the 400 medley relay records.


The team scored 159 points and placed 19th. Out of 61 teams and 821 swimmers, this was the best team placement in the past 7 years.


Blair Drew, swam in the 100 breast, 50 breast and 100 free. She had strong swims and dropped time in the 100 breast. She did very well as a 11 year old and will be returning to Champs next year as an even faster 12 year old ready to make some finals.

Lindsay Brown, scored 59 points, placed in the top 8 in her 200 fly, 400 im, 200 breast, and 1650. She also placed top 16 in the 200 im. She dropped time in all her events and had a huge 40 second time drop in her 1650.

Peter Foote,he swam in both record setting relays, and swam in a 50 time trail. He dropped 2 seconds in his 50 and gained some great experience. Hopefully he will be returning next year in some individual events.

Zach Harris,along with his record setting swims he also swam in the 100 breast, 200 im, 50 breast and 100 im, dropping time in all events. In the 200 breaststroke he made top 16 and got to swim in finals. He is also 11 and I would be looking forward to seeing what he will do next year but they are shipping out. I expect him to continue his swimming success at his next swim team.

Ryan Horr, he was able to compete in the 100 back, 200 back and 200 free. In his 200 free he dropped 2 seconds and swam it in 2:03.04. I think it is just a matter of time before he sees a sub 2 minute 200.

Grace Johnston,as our only 10 year old she made a huge impact. She was seeded no higher than 18th in all her events but she dropped so much time she scored 32 points on her own. 6 second drop in the 100 back placing 7th, 2 second drop in the 50 back placing 6thand 5 second drop in her 100 free placing 10th.

Trey Patrick,he swam in our record setting relays and a 50 backstroke time trial. In the 400 medley relay he dropped 8 seconds in the fly leg to help get the team to a 16th placement. In the 200 free relay he swam a 28.8, dropping 2 seconds.

Noah Rozema, he swam only Friday and Saturday but he was busy. He placed 2nd in his 50 free, help set two records in the relays, 9thin the 50 fly, 11th in the 50 back and 6th in the 100 free, lots of big time drops. On Saturday he swam the 50 fly, 50 back, 100 free twice and swam in the 400 medley relay and the 200 free relay. 8 swims in 12 hours.


PNS Champs was a lot of fun, it was great to see swimmers hard work paying off.


Christmas Schedule and upcoming Home Meet

This is crazy but Christmas is not too far away and neither is our January home meet. So I want to get you guys thinking about this now, so it doesnt surprise you or me.


In December we have Divisional Champs(this weekend), Husky(this weekend), PNS Champs(8-10). After the 10th we have two weeks of training before going on a break for Christmas.


This year we will have no practice starting Friday the 22nd through Monday the 1st.Usually I like to get about a week of training during the Christmas break but the Anacortes school district made that tough. Their break is the 20th to the 2nd, kind of in the middle of two weeks.


The pool will be open when TAC is not swimming and I would encourage you to come and swim. TAC swimmers are able to lap swim for free.


Also I would really encourage you to make as many practices as you can, 15th to the 21st so that you are ready for the TAC meet on the 6thand 7th. Thats right we have a home TAC meet the weekend after New Year, so lets kick 2018 off with some fast swimming.


Recap: December 21st will be the last day in December for TAC practice, January 2nd we will have normal practice start again.


Please dont idle in the parking lot

As it gets darker please dont idle or park in front of the doors blocking the parking lot.


2017-2018 home meet dates

These are our home meets for this year. Please reserve these dates and keep clear.

January Challenge 6th and 7th

TAC-E March 3rd and 4th

Spring Thunderbird May 18th, 19th and 20th


Order Team Gear Online 

Please note that your team suits are custom embroidered and may not be returned or exchanged so please be sure of your size.

  1. Web page link: http://www.swimmingteams.com/page.php?p=teamlogin
  2. Enter Login ID: thunderbird and Password: aquatics
  3. Follow instructions for checkout. Please note that you still need to complete the "shipping" field by choosing "copy billing info". Also please note that certain items have color options and a place to enter a name for embroidery.
  4. Contact information for any questions you may have:

 Contact Information:                                       
(800)214-6823                              Dan Martin
Tel:(702)696-9290                       360-510-4813
Fax:(702)696-9210                     Email: swimgear@msn.com


Tips for Choosing Plant-Based Protein Foods

By Chris Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN  | Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Many athletes are choosing a plant-based diet and still want to get quality protein to build and repair muscle after hard workouts. While there is no doubt that whey and casein are the "best" proteins for muscle protein synthesis, there are many other "good" plant-based protein foods. Whey and casein are the proteins found in milk, yogurt and cottage cheese, and I encourage athletes to eat those foods because they also provide need nutrients like calcium, potassium and B-vitamins. But, there are many plant-based proteins that are good choices for those who choose not to eat animal products.

Two plant proteins that contain all the essential amino acids and are thus considered "complete" proteins are soy and quinoa. Soy comes in many forms: soy milk, tofu, edamame, and many meat substitutes found in the frozen food aisle. Some of these products have the taste and texture of meat, like burgers, chicken patties, and sausage and are good choices to get quality protein. In my house, although we do eat meat, Morningstar Farms* Chickn patties are real favorites. Dont fear soy. There are many who think soy is feminizing for boys or increases breast cancer risk for girls, but not so.

Quinoa is also becoming more mainstream; this Peruvian grain is great in soups and as a grain main dish or side.

You probably know that beans, peas and lentils (collectively known as pulses) are higher in protein than other veggies. Add chick peas to salads, use hummus as a sandwich spread with veggies, and add lentils to marinara sauce to boost protein in a spaghetti dinner. And, to add protein to that spaghetti dinner, try ProteinPlus pasta by Barilla* (look for it in the yellow box). A serving of protein-enriched pasta has 10 grams of protein, plus added fiber and healthy fats.

There are some newer meat alternatives showing up, too. Products like "Beyond Meat" or "Impossible Burgers" are being featured in some restaurants, as well as the meat counter. These products are usually made with pea protein, but beware, some add coconut oil, making them less healthful.

Lastly, dont forget nuts. Peanuts, while technically not a nut but a legume, get grouped with nuts because of their similar nutrient content. Peanuts have the most protein per serving of any nut with 7 grams. And, heres a good trivia question for you. How many peanuts are in a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter? The answer is 540, so peanut butter also packs a good protein-punch.

For some good ideas and recipes on plant-based eating, see the website of registered dietitian, Sharon Palmer, the Plant-Powered Dietitian.

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