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Coach Transitions - Coach Eliza

As many of you already know, Coach Eliza has decided to pursue teaching profession with renewed vigor. She has a great opportunity at her current school, and is looking forward to expanding her involvement with the school as a whole. 

We have been incredibly fortunate as a team and as a community to have someone with as kind and giving personality as Coach Eliza, and we are truly sorry to see her move on to the next phase of her journey. We can only hope that journey might one day include NTA again! 
We are planning a farewell party for Coach Eliza at the JCC next Monday, the 18th,  from 7-745p after the D group workouts. D5 athletes are encouraged to stop by to send Coach Eliza off with love and well-wishes.
Best of luck, Coach Eliza & thank you for your years of love and compassion within our program! We will miss you greatly!