Jackie & Coach Satoko at 2017 TX Open Camp with Olympian Laura Zeng

Coach Satoko and Jackie complete Open camp in National Team Training Center in TX.

Jackie did a great job and we had a great experience during the camp. Some coaches thought Jackie is Level 7 because she is so good. 

Jackie is really independent and good atitude, friendly to other gymnast.

I am so glad to have gone with Jackie. 

12 rhythmic club team participated in this open camp (Level5-Level10).


Camp regular schedule is:


*Open stretching for all gymnasts 

*Core training 





* Same routine as above


Coach Learning


During Dance class. They had own choreography time. Also teachers asked gymnasts to do choreography and think about apparutus hanndling. Some girls are frustrated but, these classes really make them creative and confident. 

I think gymnasts should not always copy their coaches.

Coaches had Ballet class for coaches. Of course, I participated it was hard, but I really enjoyed.

The next day all the coaches muscles were sore. There was a ballet teacher from Bulgaria her name was Sonya, she called me " Japan" and "ARIGATOGOZAIMASU" which means thank you in Japanese. Also "Taco" and "Tokyo". Now I have a lot of nickname. Finally, she remembered my name is TOKO. 

During the camp coaches learn about body wave and execution etc.. this is really helpful for coach and judging too.

Last day Rio Olympian Laura Zeng came to our camp and she performed and gave dance lesson for gymnasts. All gymnasts eyes became like hearts!!!! This meeting is great motivator for the gymnast I believe.

Q&A time

Gymnast asked " How can you manage nervousness when you are in competition?"

Laura answerd," Please focus your self, Do not focus on the people aroound you?"

Gymnast asked " How do you manage school and practice together?"

Laura answered " After the school I go to the gym and on the way to the gym I sleep in the car or do home work in the car, after the practice I sleep in the car and eat, I go to bed at 2:00am."

This camp was really fun and had great atmosphere.

Thank you Jackie and Jackie's parents I had so much fun time with you!! 

I am so happy to coach in Oakland Rhythmic Gymnastics!