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Short Course Champs Highlights

UPAC qualified and brought over 30 swimmer to the 14&Under PNS Championship this past weekend. The results of the meet were nothing short of spectacular. Out of 54 teams in Pacific Northwest Swimming, UPAC placed 8th overall, beating multiple teams with memberships of over 200 plus swimmers, while UPAC has a membership of approximately 115. This was a total team effort, with every swimmer heavily contributing to the fantastic team result. UPAC has risen to the point of its swimmers not only being highly competitive on a local level winning several events and placing in the top 16 in dozens of others, but competitive on a national level with several swims resulting in Nationally top 25 ranked swims for swimmers respective Age Groups. Complete results along with an Individual Improvement report are attached. Congratulations to everyone on contributing to another great Championship Meet!

Highlights of the meet:

UPAC swimmers were all over the podium collecting hardware with 24 swims resulting in Top 3 finishes, and 3 swimmers placing first overall in one or more events solidifying themselves as PNS Champions! Swimmers who made it onto the podium in one or more individual events included:

Matthew Dingess (Boys 13-14): 1650 Free- 3rd Place

Camden Doane (Girls 11-12): 100 Back- 2nd, 200 Back- 2nd, 50 Fly- 2nd, 100 Fly- 2nd, 200 IM- 1st, 400 IM- 1st

Aiden Hammer (Boys 10&Under): 200 Free- 3rd, 500 Free- 2nd, 100 Fly- 2nd

David Idio (Boys 11-12): 50 Back- 1st, 50 Fly- 3rd

Patrick Keough (Boys 13-14): 100 Free- 3rd, 500 Free- 3rd, 200 Fly- 3rd

Leigh Lopez-Silvers (Girls 13-14): 100 Fly- 3rd, 200 Fly- 3rd

Max Serafimovici (Boys 11-12): 200 Free- 1st, 500 Free- 1st, 1650 Free- 1st, 200 Breast- 2nd, 200 Fly- 3rd, 400 IM- 3rd

Conner Skiff (Boys 11-12): 1650 Free- 3rd

Based on the results of the meet, 3 UPAC swimmers were selected to represent Pacific Northwest Swimming at the Pacific Coast All-Star Meet in January. This meet will include selected teams of 32 of the top swimmers (Ages 11-14) from each of the Pacific Northwest Swimming, Oregon Swimming, Southern California Swimming, and Pacific Swimming local swimming committees. A special congratulations to Camden Doane (Girls 11-12), Leigh Lopez-Silvers (Girls 13-14), and Patrick Keough (Boys 13-14) for being selected to the PNS All Star Team!

UPAC established its presence on a national level at the meet. 5* UPAC swimmers placed themselves onto the National Top 25 list in one or more individual events for their age as of 12/13/2017. This means these swimmers are among the top 25 fastest swimmers in the entire country for their age group! National Top 25 swims are noted below:

Camden Doane (Girls 11): 100 Back- 3rd, 200 Back- 7th, 50 Fly- 1st, 100 Fly- 3rd, 200 IM- 1st, 400 IM- 2nd

David Idio (Boys 11): 50 Free- 10th, 50 Back- 3rd, 100 Back- 10th, 200 Back- 16th, 50 Fly- 10th, 100 IM- 13th

Patrick Keough (Boys 14): 200 Fly- 22nd

Dima Serafimovici (Boys 11): 1650 Free- 18th

Max Serafimovici (Boys 12): 1650 Free- 14th, 200 Breast- 10th

*- National Top 25 Rankings begin at 11 years of age

Placing in the top 8 took an entire team effort. 21 UPAC Swimmers scored (top 16) in at least one individual event:

Gretta Bellin (Girls 11-12): 50 Breast- 13th, 100 Breast- 12th, 200 Breast- 13th, 100 IM- 5th, 200 IM- 7th, 400 IM- 6th

Athea Caritativo (Girls 11-12): 50 Fly- 11th, 100 IM- 16th

Nolan Cosme (Boys 13-14): 1650 Free- 10th

Camden Doane (Girls 11-12): 100 Back- 2nd, 200 Back- 2nd, 50 Fly- 2nd, 100 Fly- 2nd, 200 IM- 1st, 400 IM- 1st

Matthew Dingess (Boys 13-14): 100 Free- 12th, 200 Free- 8th, 500 Free- 10th, 1650 Free- 3rd

Erin Forrest (Girls 13-14): 1650 Free- 7th

William Forrest (Boys 10&Under): 200 IM- 14th

May Guidoux (Girls 10&Under): 50 Free- 12th, 100 Free- 14th, 200 Free- 12th, 50 Breast- 9th, 200 IM- 16th

Aiden Hammer (Boys 10&Under): 100 Free- 4th, 200 Free- 3rd, 500 Free- 2nd, 100 Fly- 2nd, 200 IM- 9th

David Idio (Boys 11-12): 50 Free- 9th, 50 Back- 1st, 100 Back- 6th, 50 Fly- 3rd

Marie Keough (Girls 10&Under): 200 Free- 5th, 500 Free- 5th, 50 Back- 13th, 100 Back- 6th, 50 Fly- 4th, 100 Fly- 5th

Patrick Keough (Boys 13-14): 50 Free- 10th, 100 Free- 3rd, 200 Free- 4th, 500 Free- 3rd, 100 Fly- 4th, 200 Fly- 3rd

Adam Kwon (Boys 11-12): 100 IM- 15th, 400 IM- 10th

Yvy La (Girls 10&Under): 100 Breast- 5th, 50 Fly- 16th, 100 Fly- 4th, 100 IM- 11th, 200 IM- 5th

Leigh Lopez-Silvers (Girls 13-14): 100 Free- 6th, 200 Free- 4th, 500 Free- 12th, 100 Back- 16th, 100 Fly- 3rd, 200 Fly- 3rd

Julian McCune (Boys 11-12): 500 Free- 15th

Takara Putt (Girls 11-12): 200 Fly- 14th

Dima Serafimovici (Boys 11-12): 200 Free- 15th, 500 Free- 13th, 1650 Free- 6th, 200 Fly- 9th, 400 IM- 11th

Max Serafimovici (Boys 11-12): 200 Free- 1st, 500 Free- 1st, 1650 Free- 1st, 200 Breast- 2nd, 200 Fly- 3rd, 400 IM- 3rd

Conner Skiff (Boys 11-12): 200 Free- 16th, 500 Free- 11th, 1650 Free- 3rd

Madison Sotomayor (Girls 11-12): 200 Fly- 13th

Qualifying for Champs means you already have very fast times. Still, 6 UPAC swimmers posted 100% best times across all of their entered events:

Nolan Cosme

Camden Doane

David Idio

Patrick Keough

Dima Serafimovici

Max Serafimovici