Reindeer Splash Lewiston


2017 Reindeer Splash in Lewiston

What a fun meet we had in Lewiston this past weekend in the Lewiston Reindeer Splash.  At a meet that seems to get more and more popular as the years go on and helped by good weather for traveling, CAST had another outstanding meet.  Right now our swimmers are training hard getting ready for next week’s Christmas training (or the “Big Pain” as the coaches call it 8-)) and best times are hard to come by with the training intensity we are at.  Despite this CAST swimmers defied all expectations and tore it up with even set three team records!

Leading the charge were our two Swimmers of the Meet who are from opposite ends of the squad spectrum; from C squad Allie Maykuth and senior squad member Karter Rasmussen.  Both won high point honors for the meet taking home really cool snow globe awards.   Joining them with a Swimmer of the Meet cap was Pema Anain, 12, who swam a remarkable 400 IM and set a team record.

Allie Maykuth, who has only been swimming a short time with CAST and at her third meet, is eight years old and scored an amazing 57 points.  Many of these swims were swimming against much older swimmers in longer events and she did not back down one inch from the competition despite the age differences.  When she took off on her 200 free I thought for sure that she went out way too fast but she kept going like the energizer bunny swimming to an amazing fast time.  She repeated this for all of her events showing remarkably good technique for someone only 8 years old. 

Karter Rasmussen scored a whopping 74 points with his best swim coming last a CAST top ten performance in the 400 IM.  Karter has really put in some good work this last couple months and the hard work is beginning to show.  With his sights set on a great Washington open and sectionals , if he continues this work he will have a great short course season.

Three team records fell this weekend – a remarkable accomplishment for a non-championship meet.  Lauren Stephens continues on a quest to set as many 10 and under records as anyone ever has racking up another one in the 1000 free in a very speedy 15;49.  Teammate Zach Linford also set the 10 and under boys record in the 1000 in 17:26 to join her on the record board.  Then what a surprise it was for Pema Anain, just 10, to set a very speedy record in the women’s 400 IM!  Pema started out with a strong butterfly leg and then never let off the gas going a remarkable 6:28 in the event.  While looking at the record board on Monday we realized just how fast this record is; Jon Archer, just back from junior nationals in Iowa has the 10 and under boys record and was just a dozen seconds faster.  Will we see Pema at Juniors in a few years?!!

The other exceptional bunch of swims came from our 15 and over women.  All these young ladies are on junior and senior squads and have been working hard the last several weeks and yet a group of them stood out with their performances.  Led by Hope McWilliams, who scored 37 points and placed third in high point awards, her teammates Micah Sharples placed 4th, Rylie Rasmussen placed 5th, Sydney Webb placed 6th and Taylen Zahnow placed 7th.  A dominant showing for these young women! 

A number of our younger female swimmers did an amazing job as well; Riley Taylor placed 2nd in the 11-12 women high point competition with a whopping 64 points.  Riley is just 11 and has emerged as a dominant swimmer in this tough age group.  In the 13-14 age group Abby Whiting placed 4th overall with 40 points.  Abby is one of the hardest working women on our team and its great to watch heer hard work payoff.

Finally a tip of the hat to a number of our younger swimmers:  Nina Emry had a breakout performance in the eight and unders with 33 points and a 5th place finish in the high point.  Ethan Linford, 8, scored 25 points and a 5th place overall finish also.  Erin Griffith had another solid meet and tied for 5th with Lauren Stephens in the 9-10 high point competition both girls scoring 27 points.

Great Swimming, Team.  And great cheering Sunday morning!


Coach Bob