Tomorrow's Meet

Calling all families! 

We are still in need of:

  • timers
  • concessions food
    • crockpot foods
    • fruit products
    • we could use more drinks- we'd rather have too much than not enough!!! 
  • concessions workers- we need a couple more folks in the afternoon, please! 
  • FELLOWSHIP FOOD- we have next to nothing!!! 

A reminder, please keep your kids off the pool deck until 11:45, visitors and spectators need to remain off deck for the duration of the meet, there's a fellowship with a taco bar if we can get enough food in for it! 

Warm-ups start are 12-12:30, meet starts at 1!

Bring goggles, caps (extras if you've got them!), your team suit, and things to keep warm and entertained while not swimming. 

We'll see you in the morning! 

IF something happens and you are not able to make it, just shoot us an email by 9 am if possible so we can change meet entries if needed.