SKSC Contact Guide During Coach Amber's Leave
To all members,
As the holidays are fast approaching, so to is my leave of absence!
Please note the following contact guide below for who to contact while I’m on maternity leave.  After Friday, Dec 22 nd I will not be regularly checking my coaching email due to the holidays and afterwards due to maternity, so please ensure you are emailing the following addresses below:
  • Billing/Registration
Coach Dave will be taking over the registrar email along with the billing/member accounts and registration.  This includes things such as billing issues, withdrawals, registration of new members, etc… Please use the registrar email to contact regarding these issues.  As the system is new to Coach Dave, please be patient and allow for extra time for issues to be resolved and responded to.
As a head’s up, we will be emailing out billing summaries tomorrow from the registrar email for January 1st with the holidays approaching.
  • Community Fitness
Please email Coach Josh if you are looking to change your day selection, drop a day, add a day, etc…
  • Pre-Competitive Groups (Mini-Knights/Bronze/Silver/Gold)
Please ensure you are still emailing Coach Philippe regarding any issues with these groups, along with switching pool requests, move up confirmations, etc…
  • Competitive Groups (Development, Performance, High Performance, Sr Competitive, Jr Competitive)
Please ensure you are emailing your group coach as always and if necessary Coach Reg.  Development please email both Coach Philippe ( ) and Coach Nathan ( )
  • Website Issues
For things such as log in issues, errors, etc…
  • Unsure of who to contact regarding something?
If you are ever unsure, email and we will ensure it gets forwarded to the appropriate person.
As a general reminder, all club email addresses end in  Please DO NOT email or as these are not club email addresses and just system emails that we do not receive.
Thank you for everyone’s support over the past few months and I look forward to seeing everyone again when I come visit and when I return!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Coach Amber