MAST Lap-A-Thon

The MAST Lap-A-Thon is almost here. This is always an exciting event and with the changes for this year we hope to make it even better. Please email if you have any questions.


Lap-A-Thon Information Page


Lap-A-Thon Food Donations – helping our swimmers refuel


Lap-A-Thon Prize Information


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Lap-A-Thon Common Questions

What is a lap?  A lap is 25 yards or one length of our pool.

Who counts a swimmers laps?  Parents will need to help count for their swimmer. Coaches will not be able to help.

Can my swimmer take breaks?  Yes, swimmers can take breaks during the Lap-A-Thon.

Can swimmers use equipment?  Yes, swimmers can use kick boards and pull buoys. (no flippers)

Will swimmers be able to eat during the Lap-A-Thon?  No, swimmers must wait until they are finished before eating.

Do swimmers have to swim for the entire time?  No, swimmers can stop as early as 15 minutes before the scheduled finish.

Where do the Lap-A-Thon funds go?  We put the funds raised toward two causes. The first is our scholarship fund and the second is pool equipment / improvements. See the weekly update from 12-26-17 for more details.

When are the Lap-A-Thon pledges due?  In order to be eligible for prizes, pledges must be turned in by January 22.

How do I turn in my Lap-A-Thon pledges?  Please turn all pledges in to your coach at practice