Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! From our family to yours, we hope everyone was able to spend this holiday season warm and safe. And now, to get back into the swing of things!

Next Meet is this Saturday against Casco Bay Regional YMCA!

Warm-ups start at 12:00, (please keep kids off deck until 11:45!) meet starts at 1:00 pm.

Concessions- we still need

  • breakfast foods/breads
  • crockpot foods
  • fresh fruit/veggies

We do not need Granola Bars or Chex Mix! Carolyn did inventory after the last meet and was almost swallowed whole by these leftover items.yes

For other volunteers, we need a few people to lend a hand picking up the natatorium after the meet, timers and concessions workers. Additionally, if anyone would be interested in lending a hand upstairs with the Computer Operators, we would really love to get a few more people at least a little bit familiar with the computer system.smiley

Fellowship- this fellowship we are going to do quesadillas- bean and cheese (or just cheese!) and we need some folks to assemble and heat them with Carolyn. Additionally, we are looking for cheese, tortillas, salsa and sour cream, and a couple electric griddles to streamline the process.


Finally-This is the perfect time of year to get discounted wreath ribbons! Please take a look anywhere you can think to check for ribbons, decorations, or ornaments at a clearance price! If we wait until next season each ribbon with be $3 (at least) which will run us broke by the time we finish decorating! Please take a minute to look whenever and wherever you can afford to!


Upcoming Events:

Cardboard Boat Race- Sunday, January 14.

Our 3rd Annual Boat Race, come take the edge off these chilly winter weekends with a Family Fun Night- pool style! Boat Races will take place at 3 pm, entry fee is $5-$10 per boat (see registration form for all details). Following the races will be a Family Fun Night, entry fee $1, which includes mini boat races, snow painting, float-or-sink activity, and more! Proceeds from our Family Fun Night will benefit the YMCA Financial Assistance fund, which helps provide assistance to youth, adults, and families in our community. Last year our YMCA gave out over $100,000 in financial assistance and we would love to be able to help out even more in 2018! Come join us for a night you'll never forget, while giving back to your community!


Splash-a-thon!- Monday, January 15.

Splash-a-thon, a day where every swimmer tries to shatter their previous record of laps swum in a one-hour period. This fundraiser for Bluefish goes towards coaches, meet entry fees, and equipment- for example, our touchpads. A touchpad costs $900 (with a $125 shipping fee) and this season we will need to replace three of them. To encourage swimmers to raise as much money as possible, we offer prizes!

  • $75- a Bluefish Splash-a-thon! T-shirt
  • $150- a T-shirt and a water bottle
  • $250- a T-shirt, water bottle and towel
  • $350- a T-shirt, water bottle, towel and *NEW* Bluefish Warm-up Jacket

In order for this event to run we need all swimmers to sign up (upstairs on our bulletin board) for a time slot. Additionally, we need parents, friends, or community members to sign up to time. Do you know someone else who would like to try, or would you yourself like to join us? No problem! Sign up for any tie period that works for you. We ask to limit 6 per lane so as to not get too crowded. We look forward to seeing you there!