Marlins Newsletter - 1.3.EIGHTEEN!

Table of Contents - Happy New Year!

  1. Keating Location - Return to "normal" Thurs Jan 4
  2. Preview - Pepsi Holiday Wrap
  3. Reduced Volunteer Commitments - Effective Immediately
  4. Volunteer Needs - Databoard & Head Timer
  5. Winter Weather / Snow Procedures
  6. Practice Changes / Updates
  7. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  8. Quote

Keating - Return to "Normal" Thurs Jan 4

Thanks for everybody's patience at Keating this week, the air circulation system has been restored to working order & has been running for approx 24 hours.  We will return to practice on Thurs Jan 4,  please re-visit the holiday schedule attached below.  Meet is ON this weekend!

Click Here for Keating Holiday Schedule.

Preview - Pepsi Holiday Wrap

The Marlins are looking forward to the kids showing off all of their hard work from Christmas Training!  Information such as meet timelines, warm-ups, and psych sheets are being updated to the meet page.  See direct link below.

Click Here for Pepsi meet page.

Reduced Volunteer Commitments - Effective Immediately

Marlin Families, See updated volunteer commitment totals below.  Thanks to our volunteer coordinators & others for making this happen for our members!

Volunteer Needs – Data Board Operator & Head Timer

Marlins Families,
We have two urgent volunteer needs that we must address during our next few home meets.  Please consider training as either a Data Board Operator or Head Timer.
The Data Board Operator is the person that runs the Colorado Timing System console connected to the touchpads.  The job involves learning the Colorado user interface summarized in this video ( ).
The Head Timer is the person that that leads the timers meeting and coordinates all timer activities on deck.  Tasks include items such as distributing paperwork, collecting time sheets, and starting a back-up watch.  This position is perfect for someone that enjoys timing and is comfortable leading a small group of people.
Your gift of time and talent in these roles will help our children have a great swimming experience.   Please send me an e-mail or give me a call if you are interested in helping our club in this way.
Best Regards,

Winter Weather / Snow Procedures

Marlins, Now that winter has (really) arrived we wanted to provide a refresher on the team's winter weather procedures.

If a winter wonderland threatens, you can follow changes on the following platforms:

- A direct email from the team.

- "News" section at front page.

- Marlins Twitter feed @cincymarlins.

During the week, it is our goal to provide any updates by 2 pm, which can vary since we coordinate with local school systems.  Any Saturday practice change updates are provided by 6 am.

Practice Changes / Updates

Any upcoming changes will be communicated directly by your Lead Site Coach, also be sure to review your location’s Google Calendar at -> Locations.

  • Keating​​​
    • Mon Jan 8 (Home St X Meet)
      • ​National, Blue 1:  3:30-5:30p
      • Blue 2, 4-5:30p
      • Red 1, 6:30-8:15p
      • Red 2, 6:30-8p
      • Red 3 & 4, Moved to Wed Jan 10
    • Mon Jan 15 (MLK Day)
      • National, Blue 1, Blue 2:  10a-12 noon
      • Red 1, 12-1:45p
      • Red 2, 12-1:30p
      • Red 3, 12-1:15p
      • Red 4, 12-1p
    • Thurs Jan 25 (Home St X Meet)
      • National, Blue 1:  3:30-5:30p
      • Blue 2, 4-5:30p
      • Red 1, 6:30-8:15p
      • Red 2, 6:30-8p
      • Red 3 & 4, Moved to Wed Jan 24
    • Wed Jan 31 (GCL Champ Meet)
      • No practice at Keating.
  • ​Sycamore​
    • ​Thurs Jan 11 (Home JH Meet)
      • ​Red 4, 7-8p
      • Red 3a, 7-8:15p
    • ​Mon Jan 15 (MLK Day)
      • ​Red 1 & 2, See Coaches Amanda & Jessi.
  • ​NKU
    • See Coaches Dom & Deena.

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

CM Pepsi Holiday Wrap Up Invite Jan 5-7, 2018 All Blue & Red Passed
CM TYR Sport Winter Invite. Feb 2-4 All Blue & Red Passed
SW Ohio Regional Championships Feb 15-18 Red 2, Red 1, Blue 2.  Ages 14 & Under only not yet achieved Junior Olympic Time Standards Feb 1
CM Splash Into Spring Invite Sun Feb 25 Red 3, Red 4, All Fish Groups Feb 1
CM Qualifier Meet. Tues Feb 27 All Ages 15+, plus Ages 14 & Under who are within .5 sec (per 50) of a time standard Mon, Feb 26
Ohio Senior Meet.  Bowling Green, Oh. Mar 2-4 Ages 14 & Over who attended HS Feb 1
Junior Olympics.  Oxford, Oh Mar 16-18 Ages 14 & Under with qualifying times. Mar 1 (automatically entered by coaches)
TYR Junior National Cup.  Lynchburg, Va. Mar 20-24 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1
Speedo Sectionals.  Akron, Oh Mar 22-25 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1



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