NPAC US Meets - Meet Marshall Explained

Because we host such a good meet, Middle Atlantic Swimming has asked us to pilot the "Meet Marshall" program. MA Swimming will be implementing this program in Fall of 2018 for all MA meets. In the meantime, we need individuals to volunteer for these positions so that we can help MA establish this necessary position.

The goal/focus of all Meet Marshalls is to keep the meet "safe". This includes monitoring the following:

1. Warmup/warmdown pools

2. Locker rooms, lobbies, hallways, stands

3. Individuals who are on deck (do not allow non-certified individuals on deck - this includes parents)

4. All deck areas

You are not responsible for providing first aid. You are responsible for asking the individual to stop what they are doing and/or alert the Meet Referee (Bob Schailey or Bob Jamieson), the Meet Director (Megan Fritz) and/or the Operational Risk Manager (Rhonda Diliberto). 

You will receive a card which lists everything you should look for throughout the meet. 

Thank you very much for considering this job for one or two of your volunteer positions at the upcoming New Years meet on Jan 20-21. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions!