BYB Invite Info

WFYD Families,

I hope you are all excited about this weekend! I am pretty pumped to see some fast swims (finally- I feel like it’s been so long!). Here is some important information for the weekend…

VOLUNTEERS: We will need to provide volunteers. Swimmers must provide their own timers & counters for Session 1. We need one timer in lane 8 for all sessions – let’s split the sessions;

  • Session 2 
    • First Half:
    • Second Half:
  • Session 3 
    • First Half:
    • Second Half:
  • Session 4 
    • First Half:
    • Second Half:
  • Session 5 
    • First Half:
    • Second Half:

Please let me know ASAP if you can time.

WARM-UPS: Please arrive at least 20 minutes before warm-up. There is not a TON of parking so if you can carpool from the hotel, I would highly recommend it. Warm-up times & lane assignments are as follows for the weekend;  

  • Friday – warm-up from 5:00-5:25pm in lane 8 (meet start at 6:00pm)
  • Saturday AM –  warm-up from 8:50-9:15am in lanes 6 & 7 (meet start at 9:25am)
  • Saturday PM – warm-up from 2:20-2:45pm in lanes 5 & 6 (meet start at 2:55pm)
  • Sunday AM –  warm-up from 8:25-8:50am in lanes 7 & 8 (meet start at 9:25am)
  • Sunday PM – warm-up from 1:50-2:15pm in lanes 5 & 6 (meet start at 2:25pm)

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring chairs & warm clothes to wear in-between events. Don’t forget snacks! Here are a few links that include some snack & meal options;

It is most important for the kids to stay hydrated. There will be concessions at the meet (not the same as our amazing concession stand, though) but there will be plenty of drinks just in case the kids need them!

WHERE TO EAT: I focused on locations near the hotel & in Reading. There is also a Target and a Stop & Shop close by.

  • Woburn (hotel location) 
    • Bertucci’s
    • Panera
    • On the Border
    • DiAngelos
    • Joe’s American Bar & Grill
  • Reading (meet location) 
    • Longhorn Steakhouse
    • Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza
    • Chili’s
    • Chipotle
    • Christopher’s (sit- down breakfast)
    • Bagel World (the best bagels I have ever had. Definitely a must-stop before you leave so you can have breakfast for the week!)
    • Fuddruckers’s
    • Oye’s Chinese Restaurant & Bar

THINGS TO DO: If you are staying for one day only or if you have some time during the afternoon session, there are a few things to do around town;  

  • Jordan’s Furniture in Reading (Trapeze, IMAX movie, ice cream, etc.)
  • Dave & Buster’s in Woburn (right near the hotel)
  • Showcase Cinemas- Woburn

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Coach Alex