Splash-a-thon! details

Calling all Bluefish Swimmers, Parents, Family, and Friends! 

It’s that time of year again… Splash-A-Thon Season! Each year our team holds a fundraiser called a Splash-A-Thon. This fundraiser is all about our swimmers seeing how many lengths of the pool they can swim in one hour. Before and after their swim they can ask friends, family and neighbors to pledge them (pledge sheet attached below). This is our largest fundraiser of the season and a special day for our team. Our Splash-A-Thon is not only a great fundraiser that keeps our program fee one of the lowest in the state, but it is also a great endurance activity for our swimmers, and lots of fun! Each swimmer will greatly benefit from participating. We are striving for 100% participation. We guarantee you and your swimmer will be amazed by how many lengths they can do!     We would like to invite not just our Bluefish Swimmers, but also Bluefish Alumni, parents, or friends of the Bluefish to swim the Splash-A-Thon with us. The kids will have a great time swimming with Mom, Dad or a friend who has already graduated the program.  This is a great opportunity for the entire family to stay active and healthy together.   

Here’s a list of what each family will need to do to prepare for the Splash-A-Thon: 

  1. Each swimmer participating (Bluefish, Siblings, Parents) need to fill out a pledge sheet (attached to this letter). Help your swimmer understand what the Splash-A-Thon is and why fundraising for their team is important. Fundraisers like this not only keep program fees low, but also help cover our coaches travel expenses, bathing suits costs and even some new equipment.
  2. Swimmers should collect as many pledges as he/she can before completing their Splash-A-Thon swim. Pledges can be taken after the swim too.  Call up those relatives far and near and ask them to pledge per length of the pool or simply with a flat pledge (for example: $5 or $10 for the entire swim or $.25 per length). (If you have a new swimmer we can help provide a guess as to a range of how many lengths of the pool they might swim!) Some parents take the pledge sheet to work with them to help collect pledges.  We highly encourage to have your child ask for pledges… who can resist those faces?!  This is a great opportunity for swimmers to practice our core value of Responsibility and Good Teamwork.
  3. Swim the Splash-A-Thon!  We will be swimming on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, January 15) here at the Y. Plan ahead to be here that day, it is much more fun to swim a Splash-a-thon with the rest of your teammates! (We can schedule make up times if you absolutely can’t make it.) Each swimmer will spend one hour swimming to see how many lengths of the pool he/she can swim during that time period. (Swimmers may swim, use kickboards (no fins!) and are allowed to stop and rest if needed. Although we will encourage them to keep going!) 
  4. Collect the money for their pledges!  Help your child figure out how much money he/she has raised from each pledge and collect that amount.  Once all money is collected, bring your child’s pledge sheet and collected money into the Y (Please turn pledge sheets and pledge money into the front desk-make sure swimmers name is on it).  All money and pledge sheets should be returned by Friday, February 16 (the day before February vacation).  Swimmers can earn prizes for collecting the most pledges. We will celebrate our swimmers’ accomplishments and award prizes at our team banquet at the end of our season.  

How can our Bluefish families help? 
Please help your swimmer (and you!) get pledges. We encourage each Bluefish Swimmer to try and raise a minimum of $65-$75 in pledges, this will help us meet our team goal of $10,000+! ($75 in  pledges earns the swimmer a custom Splash-a-thon t-shirt!)

  1. Help your swimmer get excited for their challenging swim (no pressure involved! The kids can set individual goals, but it is truly each swimmer trying to see what they can do). If your swimmer is nervous or confused about the Splash-A-Thon, talk to a coach! We want every swimmer to participate and have fun!
  2. We are encouraging all you parents to get in and swim too (this can be during any lap swim!), but if you can’t, please consider volunteering to count laps for swimmers on the day of the event. Watch for volunteer signups as the date draws closer. Each swimmer (or lane, depending on volunteers!) will be assigned a Lap Counter to keep track for them. 
  3. Collect pledges.  Remember, you can still gather more pledges after your child has swum the challenge in case you missed a few people to ask!  Hand in the pledge money and pledge sheet by February 16!    Please help us all make this the best Bluefish Splash-a-thon EVER!!!  This year the coaches will hand out some extra special prizes to a few swimmers during the swim. Could be for a great effort, accomplished swims, or even the swimmer who is being the most encouraging and supportive to others!     

Feel free to email coaches at wcbluefish@gmail.com with any questions or to volunteer to help. And remember, invite Friends to participate too! Thank you for all the support you give to the swimmers, coaches and this wonderful program!  

$75 earns a swimmer a Splash-a-thon T-shirt 
$150 earns a swimmer a T-shirt and a Bluefish water bottle! 
$250 earns swimmer a T-shirt, water bottle, and towel! 
$350 earns a swimmer a T-shirt, water bottle, towel AND a Bluefish Warm-up Jacket


Click HERE to download the pledge sheet, or grab one from the Aquatic Program Handouts by the Aquatics bulletin board.