Day One 2018 Distance Challenge Results


Thursday night, swimmers in the Junior Competitors, Advanced Competitors, Senior Competitors and the Masters  practice groups began the 2018 WAVE Distance Swimming Challenge.  This Challenge is designed to help swimmers increase their aerobic capacity and muscle endurance.  

During the Distance Challenge, swimmers are encouraged to challenge themselves and try longer swims.  Swimmers have the option to choose to swim the 200 Free, the 500 Free or the Mile (1650 Free).  The distance must be swam without stopping and it is timed.  Swimmers each have their own lane for the swim and counting cards are provided for the 500 and the Mile.  Swimmers who swim the 200 will earn a certificate.  Swimmers who swim the 500 will be awarded a Distance Challenge 500 yard Survivor Sticker.  Swimmers who swim the mile will be awarded a Distance Challenge 1650 yard Survivor Button.  We will continue the Distance Challenge at practice tonight.  Swimmers who finished the Challenge last night will have an alternate practice with Coach Mark in Lanes 1 & 2 tonight.

The following swimmers have completed the WAVE 2018 Distance Swimming Challenge:

200 YARD FREESTYLE (8 lengths of the pool)

Hope Bjornson 3:42.59
Mollie Stoesz 3:46.61
Elizabeth Kartak 3:48.66
Allen Bertelson 3:51.59
Allie Stoesz 3:53.56
Karsyn Zumbusch 3:55.06
Nicole Wittke 4:06.50
Sterling Peterson 4:38.27

500 YARD FREESTYLE (20 lengths of the pool)

Alexis Rademacher 8:34.28
Allison Lester 8:49.60
Emily Barter 8:52.22

1650 YARD FREESTYLE aka "THE MILE" (66 lengths of the pool)

Brianna Shroyer 21:22.44
Zoe Hiers 21:34.89
Sydney Rhodes 23:17.89
Kelsey Rhodes 24:47.53
Hannah Neutgens 25:21.83
Kate Halvorson 26:42.94
Ryleigh Hawkinson 28:16.69
Tammy Diepenbrock 30:02.61
Ella Danielson 32:26.38
Jaidyn Brady 33:59.29
Sam Bryant 41:42.00
Allison Hayes 42:58.08