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1/5 Riptide Schedule and Updates

Hello Riptide Parents and Swimmers! Here is the schedule and some updates on a couple upcoming events, as well as a few reminders!

Next Week’s Practice Schedule

Juniors and TDW Juniors will practice Monday and Wednesday from either 5-6p or 6-7p depending on your registered group. Juniors will practice Friday from 5-6p, and TDW Juniors will practice with the TDW group Friday from 5:30-7p. All practices will be at NRMS pool.

TDW/Blue will practice on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8p at NRMS pool, and Friday from 5:30-7p at NRMS pool. There will be a Saturday practice from 11:30a-1p at RHS pool.

TSU/White will practice Monday and Wednesday from 6-8p, and Friday from 6:30-8p at RHS pool. There will also be a Saturday practice from 10a-12p at RHS pool.

Orange/Black/Rapids will have practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-8p at RHS pool. There will also be a Saturday practice from 10a-12:30p.

There will be no Tuesday or Thursday practices due to the High School Boys’ team having events both evenings.


USA Super Splash

The deadline is today to sign-up to swim in our home USA swim meet! The meet will take place on the 27th and 28th of January, and we would love to have as many of our swimmers participate as possible! More information about this meet can be found under the events tab on our team website.

Parent volunteers are needed for this meet. Please visit the event sign-up page to sign-up for volunteering positions.

WMSL Dual vs Calvin

This meet is for any of our swimmers, whatever level or group, to participate in! Sign-up closes on January 10th, and the meet takes place at Calvin College pool on the 12th. More information can be found on the events tab of the team website.

Update on New Competition Caps

If you have not ordered the new team caps and would like to, we get them through Making Waves and they are currently unavailable. We will be making them available again sometime this month, though they will only be up for about two weeks. If you plan to purchase the new team caps, please be on the look-out for a notification that they are available to purchase!

Practice team caps are currently available for purchase at most practices from the coaches for $5 a piece.

Winter Reminders

If your swimmer is not feeling well…

If your swimmer is ill or not feeling well, please keep them home from practice! If your swimmer is absent from half of the day or more of school due to not feeling well, we ask that you please keep them home from practice as well! This is for their sake to help them get the rest they need as well as to help prevent the spread of illness to the rest of the team.

If your swimmer becomes ill during practice, we do have a policy of sending them home early. Again, this is both to help them recover as well as keep the illness from spreading.

Winter Weather

Due to roads being a little more tricky now with the amount of snow we have had, please plan to give yourself extra time getting to and from practices and swim meets, especially if it is snowing just before or at the time of your travel.

Please be sure your swimmer comes to practice dressed warmly, and that they are covering their heads with something as they leave, especially if they have wet hair!

A reminder as well that if practices are canceled due to weather, an email alert will be sent out to the team and posted on the team website under the News tab. If you do not receive an email AND if the News tab does not list the day’s date as being canceled, we will be having practice.

Calendar and Contact Reminder

We try to keep all of the calendars under the Group Calendars page up to date as soon as we know of any changes. Any last minute changes will be emailed out to ensure everyone is made aware of the change. If you have any questions about times or locations, please refer to the calendar.

The coaches can be contacted via the Coaches page under the Club Info tab on the website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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