Marlins Newsletter - 1.8.18

Table of Contents

  1. Results - Pepsi Holiday Wrap
  2. Volunteer Needs - Databoard & Head Timer
  3. Practice Changes / Updates
  4. Marlin Trivia Answers & Winner!
  5. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  6. Quote

Results - Pepsi Holiday Wrap


Great swimming last weekend at the Pepsi Holiday Wrap Up!  Below is a link to the results.

Click Here for meet homepage.

Thanks as always to our officials, visiting officials, and parent volunteers for making this event possible for the kids!

Volunteer Needs – Data Board Operator & Head Timer

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping us run a successful competition this weekend!  We hosted 618 swimmers who completed 3083 swims thanks to your gift of time and talent.

As we have been expressing for the past few months, we are still extremely short-handed in our specialized positions.  If we get enough people trained in these roles, we will be able to run shorter sessions and utilize both competition pools.  At this point, we do not have enough people trained in these roles to run one competition pool for an entire weekend.  To cover the shortage, many parents are currently working every session at all of our home meets.  

The Tyr meet next month is a terrific opportunity to learn a new skill while helping us run one of the fastest competitions in the region.  The urgent need is for Head Timers and Data Board Operators.  We are also looking for more Officials, but the next clinic with Ohio Swimming will not be scheduled until April.   Please send me an e-mail if you are willing to help in any of these three areas.

Best Regards,

M: 513.316.6856

Practice Changes / Updates

Any upcoming changes will be communicated directly by your Lead Site Coach, also be sure to review your location’s Google Calendar at -> Locations.

  • Keating​​​
    • Mon Jan 8 (Home St X Meet)
      • ​National, Blue 1:  3:30-5:30p
      • Blue 2, 4-5:30p
      • Red 1, 6:30-8:15p
      • Red 2, 6:30-8p
      • Red 3 & 4, Moved to Wed Jan 10
    • Mon Jan 15 (MLK Day)
      • National, Blue 1, Blue 2:  10a-12 noon
      • Red 1, 12-1:45p
      • Red 2, 12-1:30p
      • Red 3, 12-1:15p
      • Red 4, 12-1p
    • Thurs Jan 25 (Home St X Meet)
      • National, Blue 1:  3:30-5:30p
      • Blue 2, 4-5:30p
      • Red 1, 6:30-8:15p
      • Red 2, 6:30-8p
      • Red 3 & 4, Moved to Wed Jan 24
    • Wed Jan 31 (GCL Champ Meet)
      • No practice at Keating.
  • ​Sycamore​
    • ​Thurs Jan 11 (Home JH Meet)
      • ​Red 4, 7-8p
      • Red 3a, 7-8:15p
    • ​Mon Jan 15 (MLK Day)
      • ​Red 1, 2-3:45p
      • Red 2, 2-3:30p.
    • ​Fri Jan 19
      • ​Red 2, Rescheduled to Thurs Jan 18, 6:30-8:30p at Keating.
      • Red 3b, Rescheduled to Thurs Jan 18 6:15-7:45p at Keating.
    • ​Mon Jan 22
      • ​Red 1 moved to Keating 6:45-8:30p
      • Red 2 moved to Keating 7-8:30p.
  • ​NKU
    • See Coaches Dom & Deena.

Marlin Trivia Answers & Winner!

Congratulations to Kerr Sapp who won the Boosters basket from the trivia table this weekend.
Thanks to all who participated.

Fun Facts about the Cincinnati Marlins

1. How many full time coaches are on the Marlins coaching staff? 4 Brad Isham, Gil Stovall, Jeremy Wilken, Ryan Hammer

2. How many part time coaches are on the Marlins coaching staff? 25 part time coaches Central and Oak Hills: Jeff Stueve, Tim Beerman, Jim Brower, Mimi Strenk, Dan Carl, Dave Albert, Abby Cooper, Tammi Morris, Andrea Cornett East at Sycamore: Amanda Hardewig, Jessica Carpenter, Heike Wilson, Ashley Yanzsa,Lori Witkowski, Kristen Mitsch, Tony Roberts, Katie McClure, Amanda Milkovich South at NKU: Dominic Pecze, Becca Blomer, Deena Williams, Haily Olsen, Elizabeth Walden, Allison Wager, Aaron Dorfman

3. Where are Marlin locations? Keating, NKU, Sycamore, Oak Hills

4. Which coach has been at Marlins the longest? Coach Dr. Dan Carl

5. Which coach is the newest coach at Marlins? Alison Wager-NKU spearfish and sailfish

6. Which current Marlins coach has been coaching the longest and how many swimmers do you think he or she has coached? Coach Andrea Cornett has been coaching for 48 years and has coached nearly 20,000 swimmers

7. What year did the Marlins form? 1961

8. In the 80’s, what company name was in the Marlins team name? Pepsi

9. Who is the head coach of the Marlins and how many kids does he or she have? Brad Isham, Ocean and Airy

10. Who is the Head Age Group Coach of the Marlins and how many dogs does he or she have? Jeremy Wilken and 3 dogs- Duke, Tasty and Sandwich

11. What superpower would be most popular with the coaches? Teleporting or time travel

12. Which coach lives the furthest away from Keating Natatorium? Jeremy Wilken. He drives 40 miles

13. Which coach traveled to Italy last year? Ryan Hammer

14. Who do you think of when hear the words superlegs or who gets you out of your comfort zone making you do metabolic back and metabolic abs? Strength Coach Scott Goodpaster from Cincinnati Functional Fitness

15. What Marlins coach also coaches a high school team? Dr. Dan Carl

16. Who is the south head coach and where did he swim? Dominic Pecze and Ohio State as a backstroker

17. Which coach swam in the 2008 Olympics and where did he swim in college? Gil Stovall as a 200 flyer along with Michael Phelps and he swam at the University of Georgia

18. What is the Vision Statement of the Marlins? Leading the Nation- Developing Champions in the Water and In Life

19. What city are swimmers who qualify for ISCA junior nationals traveling to? Lynchberg, Virginia

20. What was the Marlins national ranking as of December 2017? 61st

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

CM TYR Sport Winter Invite. Feb 2-4 All Blue & Red Passed
SW Ohio Regional Championships Feb 15-18 Red 2, Red 1, Blue 2.  Ages 14 & Under only not yet achieved Junior Olympic Time Standards Feb 1
CM Splash Into Spring Invite Sun Feb 25 Red 3, Red 4, All Fish Groups Feb 1
CM Qualifier Meet. Tues Feb 27 All Ages 15+, plus Ages 14 & Under who are within .5 sec (per 50) of a time standard Mon, Feb 26
Ohio Senior Meet.  Bowling Green, Oh. Mar 2-4 Ages 14 & Over who attended HS Feb 1
Junior Olympics.  Oxford, Oh Mar 16-18 Ages 14 & Under with qualifying times. Mar 1 (automatically entered by coaches)
TYR Junior National Cup.  Lynchburg, Va. Mar 20-24 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1
Speedo Sectionals.  Akron, Oh Mar 22-25 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1


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