181/18 Lane Lines


Lane Lines
Your weekly Cascade Swim Club updates

From the Office:

Upcoming Meet Registration Deadlines

Winter Challenge entries (Age Group swimmers only, no Senior groups) are due from families by Monday, Jan. 15. More details about that meet are available in the meet information sheet, located here:


February Distance Plus entries are due from families by Monday, Jan. 29. More details about that meet are available in the meet information sheet, located here:


Deck Officials Urgently Needed

At last weekend’s January Challenge meet, there was an urgent need for both Administrative and Stroke & Turn Officials in several sessions. We must be able to provide needed relief and rest breaks to all officials. Because this responsibility should be shared among the many shoulders that comprise our club, please consider becoming a deck official and rsvp to an upcoming clinic. Only one is currently scheduled, but more may be scheduled soon, depending on interest and requests:


Stroke & Turn Official Clinic: Wednesday, Jan. 10, 6:45-8:30pm at King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way. Rsvp to clinic instructor Lisa Vetterlein (


If you have already attended a clinic this season, please remember there is a limited time from your clinic date to complete your requirements and novice sessions. Schedule your novice sessions with a meet referee, or attend the Winter Challenge meet, Jan. 27 & 28 at Kamiak High School Pool. Meet referees and mentor officials are excited to have you on deck, share their experience, and get you closer to becoming a certified official. Also, don’t forget about the new workshare policy that offers a 15% discount  towards a swimmer’s fees for the following season, to families who put in 50 hours of workshare per year and have 25 of those hours earned as a deck official or meet director.


If you are not able to attend the clinic currently listed above or are interested in a different position, please email our team’s Officials Chair, David Guffey (, to inquire about setting up a clinic.


PNS Athlete Committee
Is your swimmer interested in being a driving, influential force of progress in the sport of swimming? Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS), our local swimming committee, is currently accepting applications from swimmers between ages 12 and 17 to be part of the PNS Athlete Committee. The goal of this group is to better represent athletes within the LSC. Click below to learn more and download the application from the PNS website:


From the Deck:

Upcoming Pool Maintenance Closures
During the upcoming pool maintenance closures of Shoreline Pool (closed Feb. 26-March 10) and Queen Anne Pool (closed Mar. 12-May 20), all swimmers should attend practice at another location. AG1 families may bring their AG1 swimmer (and AG2 sibling, if applicable) to morning practices in lanes adjacent to the Senior groups at Madison Pool (4:45-6:15am). AG 2 & AG 3 families without an AG1 swimmer must attend another location. To determine which location and timeslot works best for your family during pool closures, please visit the training schedule page of the team website:


Thank you to all families for their patience and logistical creativity when navigating pool closures. These closures affect the entire team. While extended closures can be problematic for regular and dependable schedules, this is a great opportunity to meet new faces and swim with different teammates that we might not regularly see. Please contact your pool parent or coach prior to the pool closure if you have questions or need ideas/assistance regarding this.

Location Updates
Please note the upcoming no practice/closure dates at each pool. Pool closure dates are located in the Calendar tab and also in the “ Pool Closures” dropdown on the team website.

Ballard Pool – Closed on Jan. 15 for MLK Day, and Jan. 26 for a high school swim meet.
Evans Pool – Closed Jan. 15 for MLK Day. Closed for high school swim meets on Fridays Jan. 19 & Jan. 26.
Queen Anne Pool - Closed for a high school swim meet on Jan.12. Closed Jan. 15 for MLK Day. QA will also have an extended closure for maintenance from March 12 to May 20, 2018. See details in section above.
Rainier Beach Pool – Closed for high school swim meets on Fridays, Jan. 12, Jan. 19, Jan. 26, and closed on Jan. 15 for MLK Day.

Shoreline Pool – Closed for extended maintenance Feb. 26-March 10. See details in section above.


Save The Date/Mark Your Calendar

Jan. 13:            Washington Open, senior & HS Dev groups only, Saturday only at KCAC
Jan. 20:            CSC Board of Directors Meeting, 9:30am at Madison Pool
Jan. 27 & 28:     Winter Challenge Meet, AG swimmers only at Kamiak High School Pool in Mukilteo, WA
Feb. 3:              Annual AG 2 & 3 swim clinic, hosted by CSC Senior Team, 10-11am at Madison Pool
Feb. 10:            Winter Distance Plus Meet, a CSC-hosted meet at Madison Pool.
Feb. 23-25:        February Divisional Meet, CSC-hosted for qualifiers-only at Madison Pool.
March 10-11:     PNS Spring Showdown at KCAC, for swimmers that do not qualify for AG Regionals or
                          Senior Sectionals.
March 22-15:     Age Group Regionals, a qualifiers-only meet at KCAC in Federal Way, WA.
April 28:            CSC Swimtacular, an all-club meet at Madison Pool. CSC swimmers only, no visiting