Teaching Tuesday: What exactly is Georgia Swimming?

Happy New Year Georgia Swimming! A new year offers a fresh start for many of us, but also marks the half way point for the short course season, as we start to get closer to championship seasons. Georgia Swimming is a remarkable organization that offers so many opportunities and support for all swimmers, which is something we are proud of.

But what exactly is Georgia Swimming and what do we stand for? Well as noted on the website and in the policies and procedures, Georgia Swimming is as follows:

“Georgia Swimming (‘GA Swimming’) is the incorporated body known as Georgia Swimming Inc., which oversees competitive swimming in the State of Georgia. It is one of 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) under the jurisdiction and responsibility of USA Swimming. GA Swimming operates under Bylaws approved and enacted. It is governed by a House of Delegates, a Board of Directors and various other officers and committees outlined in the GA Swimming Bylaws.”

Basically, everyone that works for and volunteers with Georgia Swimming is dedicated to making it the absolute best it can be for all swimmers, and create opportunities to help them grow as individuals within the sport. Swimming provides more than just athletic skills and we are here to help make sure that we continue to help all clubs excel.

Continue to follow along with next week’s Teaching Tuesday to learn more about who GA Swimming is!

Teaching Tuesday contribution by Megan Kingsley.