Grand Prix and SWAT vs BAC Dual-Meet Recaps

Silver & Golden 8s (LITTLE WARRIORS!)
The dual meet hosted by SWAT against the Badger Aquatics Club during the holiday break brought some Ho Ho Holy Cow swims! With this meet being optional during the holidays many of our 8&U's took advantage of representing SWAT at the dual meet against BAC swimmers. With the meet format having only the 10&Under events our 8&Unders competed against 9&10yr olds by giving them a run for their money! Many of the 8&U placed in the top 10 and the coaching staff couldn't be prouder. What a great job!


The SWAT hosted Grand Prix meet held at the Rec Plex this past weekend opened the eyes of the coaches with an overall improvement by the entire 8&U squad. All their hard work is starting to pay off and the 8&U squad is racing with experience and much improvement. This meet was an "eye opener" for the coaching staff with some very impressive swims. With the conclusion of the SC season upon us it is beginning to look like these young swimmers will surpass the coaches expectations. Lets keep up the hard work!

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Platinum 8s BAC MEET

The Platinum 8s wrapped up 2017 with some super fast swims in the dual meet against Badger Aquatic Club

on December 28. The little warriors proved their toughness, swimming strong in the 50s and 100s offered at

this meet. Eighty percent of the individual swims were lifetime bests. Coaches couldn't be prouder!

Five Platinum 8s went 100 percent best times (or first times) at this meet. Reese Diebert, Serena
, Sophia O'Leske, Daniel Nemesh and Nathan Race all went 3 of 3 lifetime bests. Reese dropped 4 seconds in her 50 fly. Serena dropped 17 seconds in her 100 free and 5 seconds in her 50 fly. Sophia dropped 3 in her 50 free. Nathan dropped 7 seconds in his 50 back and 6 seconds in his 100 free. Daniel dropped 7 seconds in his 50 breast and 5 seconds in his 100 IM.

Ben Beres and Gabe Hernandez swam 2 of 3 best times. Ben had the biggest drops of the meet, cutting off 19 seconds in his 50 fly, and 9 seconds in his 100 IM. Caleb Schutten also swam well, placing 2nd in the 50 back, 3rd in the 50 free, and 4th in the 100 IM, as an 8 year old swimming against 9 and 10 year olds.

Congratulations, Platinum 8s!


The Platinum 8s had another great meet at the SWAT Grand Prix. A big thank you and shout out to the parents and organizers for putting on such a great meet for all our swimmers. The 8 and unders took advantage of the great pool and competition, and stepped up to race. We had many swimmers place in the top 5 and many more post big time drops at this meet.


Ben Beres, Brooke Schlinke and Ella Szeflinski all had 100 percent best times (3 of 3) and dropped lots of time. Brooke cut 20 seconds in her 50 breast, 15 seconds in her 50 back and 4 seconds in her 100 IM. Ella dropped 15 seconds in her 50 breast, and also placed 2nd in the 50 fly in her first time swimming that race. Ben shaved 6 seconds off his 100 free.

Nathan Race had 5 of 6 best times, including bests in his 25s, which was difficult to do at this meet without the use of the starting blocks. Serena Hughes had 4 of 6 best times, and also placed 2nd in the high point competition.

Also swimming great were Daniel Nemesh and Sophia O'leske, both with 2 of 3 best times. Sophia went "20 below" in her 25 free for the first time. Caleb Schutten also swam well with 3 of 6 best times; he was the 8&U high point champion. Congrats, swimmers!

AG Bronze & AG Silver
The AGS and AGB continued a great improvement streak over the last two meets having great swims at the BAC dual meet and then following up with spectacular results at the Grand Prix meet.

Finals at the Grand Prix meet we had some AGS swimmers who not only qualified for finals but drop significant amount of times from the morning session. Among them was

Lindsey Schlegel in the 50 Back, Prelims 44.68 / Finals 42.45 Ellyn Rask in the 50 Breast; Prelims 49.56 / Finals 47.74 Mallory Glysch in the 50 Fly; Prelims 45.79 / Finals 44.69 Mallory Glysch in the 100 IM; Prelims 1:34.67 / Finals 1:32.75 Julia Setum in the 100 IM; Prelims 1:29.94 / Finals 1:25.98

On the boys side we had
Colton Ward-Wade in the 50 Back; Prelims 45.69 / Finals 44.79 Jake Tesch in the 50 Back; Prelims 51.59 / Finals 49.52
Parker Rydelski in the 50 Back; Prelims 1:03.68 / Finals 1:01.47 Jake Tesch in the 50 Fly; Prelims 50.54 / Finals 49.80

Also best times making finals were Mason Moore in the 50 Back and Carter Jewell in the 50 Breast.

We had a ton of great time drops during the meet like
Taryn Doyle- 13 second drop in the 50 Free
Lindsey Schlegel- 4 sec. drop in the 100 Free, 13 sec. drop in the 100 Breast & 42 sec. drop in the 100 IM Aubrey Kasten-6 second drop in the 100 Free
Emilia Payne-2 second drop in the 50 Breast
Morgan Salbreiter-9 second drop in the 100 Free & 9 sec. drop in the 100 Back
Reese VanHandel-3 second drop in the 50 Back
Lily Payne-4 second drop in the 100 IM
Patricia Prakasam-31 second drop in the 100 Free
Ian Hughes-5 second drop in the 100 Fly & 4 sec. drop in the 50 Back
Brendan Hajdasz-12 second drop in the 100 Back
Kyle Wolff-16 second drop in the 50 Free
Dominick Herda-9 second drop in the 100 Free

Congrats to all who swam!


Age Group Gold and Platinum


The Gold and Platinum groups lit up 2018 by showing off their swimming skills to pay the bills. I find that enlightening after a truncated winter break schedule and not being in the water as much as normal. New levels were reached by attaining their season long or short term goals and setting new benchmarks. We can now seriously look forward to the end of the season by saying it is next month. This unique format of the meet allowed for many swimmers to get an opportunity to swim finals at night. Those swims during finals will be good experience in future prelim/final meets. It was impressive with the number of improved times from the morning or even lifetime best swim. Again this experience will help them as mature into Senior swimmers.

Some breakthrough swims warranting special mention were members of the 59 and 29 clubs. Both Itsy Beam and Ryan Slonac joined in the 100 Free while Kenny Herda and Brody LePine punched their membership in the 50 Freestyle. Swimmers that dropped a big chunk of time were Philip Kline’s 100 IM (17.59), Elena Goodbear’s 100 Fly (17.25), Chloe Mlinar’s 200 IM (11.15), Sydney Wolf’s 100 IM (11.16), Nick Orton’s 100 Breast (10.93) and Ali Engelfried’s 100 Fly (10.86). Other stand out individuals are Meredith Giese by earning her first state cut ever in the 50 Fly and Carley Miller for swimming her first SCY 200 Fly.

The Saturday Finals session brought back the following athletes to swim at night: Ashlyn Antholine, Elizabeth Beam, Bella Beeck, Mason Bruhn, Adrianna Correa, Hannah Ernst, Meredith Giese, Melena Glysch, Elena Goodbear, Regi Hamilton, Emily Hauke, Ella Hrenak, Macy Jacobson, Cora Jahimiak, Jillian Kneisler, Ian Leonard, Brody LePine, Sean Libal, Hannah Mellock, Emmy Meyer, Carley Miller, Nick Orton, Carter Sagan, Ethan Schutten, Macy Sheahan, Drew Shipley, Ryan Slonac, Liam Warr, Mason Wendt, Rachel Werth and Eli Wichman.

The next time we race is the last weekend of January. We have swimmers traveling to Indianapolis for a qualifier meet in a renowned pool and Brown Deer that weekend.

Keep it up and GO SWAT team!

By the Numbers:
26 Platinum and 28 Gold swimmers participated in at least one day of the meet.
3 Plus Personal Best Times or Swimmers With 100% Best Times are Highlighted with
Bold Font:
6 Best Times (8):
Sharlene Daquioag, Meredith Giese, Kenny Herda, Derrek Hojnacki, Cora Jahimiak,

Ryan Slonac, Liam Warr & Eli Wichman

5 Best Times (3): Emily Hauke, Brody LePine, & Rachel Werth
4 Best Times (6): Madi Burany, Ali Engelfried, Ella Hrenak, Nick Orton, Ethan Schutten & Mason Wendt 3 Best Times (9):
Ashlyn Antholine, Elizabeth Beam, Bella Beeck, Mason Bruhn, Jillian Kneisler,

Lilly Namazi, Carter Sagan, Sophia Stauber & Sydney Wolf New 2018 SCY State Qualifying Standards (9):

page3image24200 page3image24360

Meredith Giese: 50 Fly Carley Miller: 200 Fly Drew Shipley: 100 Breast

Elena Goodbear: 50 Back Nick Orton: 50 Free Mason Wendt: 100 Breast

Ella Hrenak: 50 Free Ethan Schutten: 100 Back Rachel Werth: 50 Free

New 2018 ISCA Qualifying Standard (1):

Brody LePine: 100 Free

High Point Award Winners:

Brody LePine = 10 Year Old Boys Mason Wendt = 11 Year Old Boys

Senior Gold and Platinum
The Grand Prix for the Senior Team was our third opportunity to work together in a meet setting and we took away very valuable information from this past weekend. This weekend was filled with new attempts a different race strategies and warm-up/cool down strategies as well.

The biggest improvement we saw across the group is being able to analyze what happened during our races. Some swimmers have been doing this since we started together, those with three meets under their belt have really gotten the hang of it. Those doing this for the first time are now getting that experience and all members are doing a better job of recognizing positives they can take away from any race and areas of improvement to take back to practice.

Olivia Davis, Hannah Koch, Emily Krohn, Megan Rakow, Andrea Bellert, Jenna Brandenburg, Emily Connell, Rebecca Hebert, and Amanda Richards all walked out with best times from the weekend.

Congrats as well to all of our finalists this weekend. This weekend proved to be a great opportunity for prelims/finals experience as we head towards championship season. Some of the biggest takeaways came from managing ourselves in the warm-up/cool down process between races and swimming tired at the end of a long day.

Abbie Bangs, Meredith Bangs, Megan Beam, Becca Beam, Andrea Bellert, Jenna Brandenburg, Emily Connell, Stella Gabor, Maddie Guman, Jordyn Hahlen, Olivia Hauboldt, Rebecca Hebert, Grace Mayes, Brooke Miles, Elizabeth Misorski, and Erin Szczupakiewicz all competed in finals this weekend.

Our next meet, in late January, finds us split between swimmers traveling to Indianapolis for a qualifier meet or back to Pleasant Prairie for the MMSC Meet.

Congratulations Senior Team!