Updates to 2018 Niagara JR/SR Power Point Meet

Updates from FAST (1/11/2018)

As you may be aware, the weather forecast for the Rochester area is a snowy one, likely beginning late Friday evening/early Saturday morning.  We anticipate running the meet with the revised timeline shown below, so please advise your families of the following revised start times:

  • Session 1 (Friday):  Warm-up 4:45, competition 5:30
  • Session 2 (Saturday morning, 12 & Unders):  Warm-up 8:00 am, competition 8:45
  • Session 3 (Saturday afternoon, 12 & Unders):  Warm-up 12:00 noon, competition 12:45
  • Session 4 (Saturday later afternoon, 13 & overs):  4:00 warm-up, competition 5:00 pm
  • Session 5 (Sunday morning):  8:15 warm-up, 9:15 start
  • Session 6 (Sunday afternoon:  2:00 warm-up, 3:00 start

Please check your email late this evening, and early tomorrow morning for any additional updates.  We will continue to monitor the local weather but we expect to run the meet according to the schedule above EVEN IF THE WEBSTER SCHOOL DISTRICT CLOSES.  We will cancel the meet only in case of a power failure, or a state of emergency.  If any alternate plans are made prior to 9:00 am tomorrow morning, I will advise you via email and we will get the information posted on the Niagara website (  After Friday 9:00 am, changes will be posted on the Niagara website, announced at the Webster Aquatic Center.  It is unlikely that email will be sent to you directly after 9:00 am tomorrow, but I will try.  Please advise your families of where to access any updates.

Safe Travels, and we look forward to hosting you at this weekend’s meet!