2018 New Season!

It is 2018 and that means a new season is just around the corner. While not initially planned, I have decided to return as the head coach for one more season with some big hopes for setting a legacy for future years. 

Parent Planning Meeting - Tuesday January 16 @ 7pm

I am doing an all-call for parents to get involved this year.  I am going to need a lot of help and I am pleading with all parents that can help to step forward to make this team operate behind the scenes for both this year and beyond.  I am only returning for one year and the goal is to eliminate the uncertainty for next year by having all systems and committees filled and operating smoothly.  In the past, Lynn and Stephen Fazen have done a lot of work and with their departure to North Carolin we have some big shoes to fill. My hope is to split out a lot of their roles to smaller groups and make sure that this team can operate efficiently regardless of who is coaching next season.  I NEED YOUR HELP IN THIS!  Please step forward and see if there is any piece of this puzzle you can help us accomplish.   The meeting will be at:

Candice Yee (Isabelle Rowe's Mom)

7798 Roan Road, 92129 (by Park Village ES)

Anyone may attend, but this is not an information meeting for parents.  Come get involved and see how we put a season together for the future.

RSVP Instructions: As we don't want to over crowd Candice's home i am asking for an RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers.  Come even if you do not RSVP, but if you can do it as a courtesy we would appreciate it.  Text Dan at 858-361-8149 and let me know:  Your Name, Your Athlete's Name and confirm that you are attending.

I am going to release a lot more information in the very near future.  For now, I definitiely want to make this an email that you all read.  I need your help to set the legacy for the future and ensure that the parent machine is working strongly this year and beyond.  Not every job is huge and the more people helping the more we can spread out and make ths a great season.  Hope to have you RSVP and see you Tuesday.

Dan Peck

Head Coach Mt. Carmel Swim and Dive