Club News January 15th 2018

There is no better test of a man’s integrity than his behavior when he is wrong.

-Marvin Williams


Swimming Canada has noticed KISU - Swimming Canada has invited me to two major events.  The first one in early February is a workshop for coaches in Ottawa.  I haven't received a ton of information yet, but it is all expense paid trip to Ottawa.  The invite came in just after the Kamloops meet so I'm quite sure they were looking at the results for that meet.  The second one is a big invite to join the National Team at the Commonwealth Games in March/April.  Swimming Canada applied for a female coach initiative on my behalf.  There were only 20 positions for all sports and all countries so I wasn't surprised when it was declined.  But they decided that they would send me anyway, at their expense.  It is a big deal to attend international multisport games and I can only imagine that they are putting that kind of resources into me because they want me better prepared for the swimmers we have in the water.  –Coach Tina

Visiting coaches - We are also getting noticed in other arenas.  We will have two visiting coaches this training cycle.  Ben Geary from Haney Seahorses will be visiting our program on a Swim BC mentorship, likely near the end of January.  Iain MacDonald from Swimming Canada will be out to visit at the beginning of March, just after Tier II champs.  

Mentorship - Never one to give up an opportunity, I have also taken advantage of Swim BC mentorship again.  I will be visiting Michael Brooks before the Seattle meet (with 6 of our swimmers).  I visited Michael previously when he was coaching in Pennsylvania.  He is one of the top Age Group coaches in the US.  It is great that he is now so much closer.  I also applied for and was awarded a second mentorship on behalf of the Okanagan.  We will be bringing in Don Heidary from Orinda Aquatics (I visited him two years ago).  He has written the book on Character Building through swimming. He will be visiting us during our Triple Pentathlon next season.  He will do talks for the Okanagan coaches (on Friday), swimmers (on Saturday) and parents (on Sunday). - Coach Tina


Pre-Christmas Hoodie Order:

We have worked with the printer to come up with a solution to the misprint on the hoodies.  For those of you who did not take their hoodies or returned them to the office last week they are back at the printer and we hope to have the ready for pick up Thursday night.  If you have your hoodie at home please drop it off at Sherwood this week to be corrected.


Swimmers Moving Up:

Congratulations to all the swimmers who have moved up to the next roster group!  Parents you will notice a billing adjustment on your February statement to reflect the club fees of your swimmer’s new roster group.



Up Coming Events:


KISU January Jamboree:  January 28th 2018 Registration Deadline Jan 15th 

Warm ups 2:30-3:05

Start time: 3:15   Approx finish time: 6:30

Eligibility: All swimmers must be registered with Swim BC or FINA affiliated organization. Age groups are based on the age of the swimmer as of January 28, 2018.
Age groups will be 8 & under, 10 & under, 11 & over.

Maximum of 5 individual events per swimmer.

This is a development meet for swimmers who have not yet met the 4:00 time standard for the 200 IM. 

Fee: $20 per swimmer with volunteer commitment


Pro D Day Clinic: February 16th 2018 Registration Deadline Feb 15th

This is a technique clinic for Juniors and Up swimmers.  Academy swimmers will run a variety of stations focussing on both basic and advanced skills of strokes, turns and starts.  Don't miss this opportunity to be video-taped and have some feedback from some of the best swimmers in our club.

Limited spots available.

This is a fundraising event for our Academy swimmer’s dryland program and equipment.


PSW Meet: Feb 17-18th Registration Deadline January 30th

We are looking at attending this meet with our swimmers who make the qualifying times because it is a good early season long course opportunity.  

The qualifying times are based on old Western times.  Only one time is required.

Where - Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre (new facility).  16855 24 Av. Surrey, BC, V3S 0A2.

When - Prelim arm ups - 8-9:20am.  Finals - 4-5:20pm.  

Events -

·       Saturday - 400 Free, 100 Brst, 200 Back, 100 Fly., 100 Free, 200 IM, 800 Timed Final.

·       Sunday - 400 IM, 100 Back, 200 Fly, 200 Free, 200 Brst, 50 Free,1500 Timed Final.

Cost is $75 flat fee.  Each club is required to provide officials to work all sessions.

There is no cool down tank but there is a 20min warm up every 2 events.  This is a good chance to make additional events for Westerns or CSC. Please discuss with your coach.

Travel will be OYO. 

Meet information will be posted when it becomes available.


Salmo Arm Regional A Champs: Feb 17-18th Registration Deadline Jan 30th

This is a Regional Championships for swimmers who do not have their Tier I or II times yet.  If you are one of these swimmers, we highly recommend this meet as it is the ONLY meet between mid-January and mid-March.

Based on last year's meet information- 

Warm up times - Three sessions - Saturday morning, 7:15, Saturday afternoon - 3pm, Sunday morning 7:15am.

Entries - max of 9 individual events, plus relays.

Entry fee - $7.50/event, plus $4.50 splash fee.  The club will cover relays.

 Meet information will be posted when it is available.


Swim BC Tier II Championships: March 2-4th Registration deadline Feb 21st

This is the first time the province has run the Tier format.  Normally, we would recommend a swimmer have 3 Tier II times before attending this meet, but since it is in Kamloops . . . go and have the experience even for one day with one time.  

All KISU swimmers with Tier II times should be attending, as this is the new AAAs.  KISU's goal is to place Top 5, but we need everyone there to do it.

More information will be posted once the meet package is out for the time being, just plan on being there.


We have a room block at the Best Western Plus on Columbia.

Rate: $132 per night breakfast included Mar 1-4th. Call the hotel directly to reserve – say you’re with KISU Swim Club for the above rate. (250) 374-7878.  There are a limited number of rooms available.



Wenatchee Apple Capital:  June 1st-3rd 2018 Registration Deadline Feb 28th

This is KISU highlight meet of the summer.  The meet is open to all Sub4 swimmers and we really encourage all swimmers to attend.  It is great experience - 10 lane outdoor pool, international competition.  It is also a great team bonding experience for KISU.  Don't miss out. 

There is an early deadline as this meet does fill up and we want to be first to get our entries in.

Also . . . book your hotel rooms early as this can be a big weekend for Wenatchee with other events happening at the same time so you want to get your hotel booked as soon as possible.  Unless you are camping!


Parent Article:


The Real Limits on Your Child in Swimming- By John Leonard

Swimming is a Technique Limited Sport. Failure by parent, coach, or athlete to recognize that dooms the athlete to temporarily and long-term failure.

The faster you swim, the “Thicker” the water gets.

Which means that more resistance is presented by the water to the body moving through it, the faster you go.

So, if you exhibit poor technique in either body shaping (shedding water) or poor propulsive movements, you have an increasingly harder time in going fast.

Conversely, if you have excellent body shape in the water and you use effective propulsive movements, you “de-limit” your future ability to swim faster.

It has been said that the biggest enemy of GREAT is good. That’s right in place here, because if an age group swimmer has GOOD technique, it’s very challenging to get them to change it if they “feel like” they are being successful.

Some age groupers are biologically and maturity “advanced” compared to their peers. At slow speeds, height and muscle will prevail over modest technique with a smaller swimmer. Hence, early developing age groupers will “win” competitively, over smaller athletes with good technique...because they are moving comparatively slowly in the water.

But as that 10-year-old becomes 12, then 14, then 16, if they retain the same limited

poor technique, they will experience a decline in improvement rate, or stop improving altogether (and some ding- dongs will call that “burnout”’s not, its poor learning of technique hence limiting you in your performance). No one stops swimming if they are still “succeeding” in their own eyes.

So, what to do?

  1. Parents, make sure your swimmers are FOCUSED on learning good technique in all starts, turns and strokes.
  2. In early years, through early teens, de-emphasize “winning” in favor of focusing on technique improvements...and only coaches can measure this.
  1. Realize that “training more” will make you really good at poor technique unless you ALSO improve your technique.
  2. Coaches, Read the above and make sure you “get it” as well as parents do, or better.

A swimmer with quality technique has NO LIMITS to their ultimate performance.

A swimmer with under-developed technique...has nothing BUT limits.



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