Marlins Newsletter - 1.16.18

Table of Contents

  1. Congrats - HS Coaches Classic
  2. SC End of Season / LC Season Start
  3. Practice Changes / Updates
  4. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  5. Quote

Congrats - HS Coaches Classic

Last weekend, the team was proud to host the finals sessions for the largest HS meet in the country at Keating!  So many of our HS-aged swimmers had a great meet, will be posting a recap shortly.

SC End of Season / LC Season Start

The following dates will be end of season for Short Course (by group):

- Red 3, Red 4, all Fish groups...Sun Feb 25 (Splash Meet).  See you in April!

- Red 2, Red 1...Sun Feb 18 (Regionals) for those not qualifying for Junior Olympics.  Swimmers whose seasons end here will be offered 1x week "maintenance workouts" thru week of Mar 12, schedule tbd.

- Red 2, Red 1, Blue 2, Blue 1 Junior Olympic swimmers Sun Mar 18 (Junior Olympics)

- All HS athletes...either Senior Meet, Sectionals, or TYR Cup.  See your coach.

Tentative Start Date for Long Course season (April) will be published in next week's newsletter!

Practice Changes / Updates

Any upcoming changes will be communicated directly by your Lead Site Coach, also be sure to review your location’s Google Calendar at -> Locations.

  • Keating​​​
    • Thurs Jan 25 (Home St X Meet)
      • National, Blue 1:  3:30-5:30p
      • Blue 2, 4-5:30p
      • Red 1, 6:30-8:15p
      • Red 2, 6:30-8p
      • Red 3 & 4, Moved to Wed Jan 24
    • Wed Jan 31 (GCL Champ Meet)
      • No practice at Keating.
  • ​Sycamore​
    • ​Fri Jan 19
      • ​Red 2, Rescheduled to Thurs Jan 18, 6:30-8:30p at Keating.
      • Red 3b, Rescheduled to Thurs Jan 18 6:15-7:45p at Keating.
    • ​Mon Jan 22
      • ​Red 1 moved to Keating 6:45-8:30p
      • Red 2 moved to Keating 7-8:30p.
  • ​NKU
    • See Coaches Dom & Deena.

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

CM TYR Sport Winter Invite. Feb 2-4 All Blue & Red Passed
SW Ohio Regional Championships Feb 15-18 Red 2, Red 1, Blue 2.  Ages 14 & Under only not yet achieved Junior Olympic Time Standards Feb 1
CM Splash Into Spring Invite Sun Feb 25 Red 3, Red 4, All Fish Groups Feb 1
CM Qualifier Meet. Tues Feb 27 All Ages 15+, plus Ages 14 & Under who are within .5 sec (per 50) of a time standard Mon, Feb 26
Ohio Senior Meet.  Bowling Green, Oh. Mar 2-4 Ages 14 & Over who attended HS Feb 1
Junior Olympics.  Oxford, Oh Mar 16-18 Ages 14 & Under with qualifying times. Mar 1 (automatically entered by coaches)
TYR Junior National Cup.  Lynchburg, Va. Mar 20-24 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1
Speedo Sectionals.  Akron, Oh Mar 22-25 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1


Quote:  "The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging." - Warren Buffett

**If you have any great swimming or generally motivational quotes, please forward to Coach Ryan!  Always looking for more...