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TAC Weekly Letter

Quote for the week:

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

~Theodore Roosevelt


Coaches Message

TAC had a wild weekend at Washington Open. The team did very well and it was nice to see hard work paying off.

As we move through January and into February I hope you are doing your best to stay healthy and keep up with the whirlwind of a new year. Judging from the number of sick swimmers it has been a tough cold season already. Encourage those kids to wash their hands.

We have several exciting events coming up. One of them is this Saturday with our dual meet against Friday Harbor 2:00-4:30. The second is our meet in Bellingham. I hope to see our guys continue to grow and develop as swimmers.   


Team Gear

Attached is the team gear order form if you would like to purchase.


Friday Harbor Vs. TAC January 20th

We are hosting Friday Harbor on January 20th.The meet will be 2pm to 4pmish and will replace Saturday practice for Gold, Silver and Bronze swimmers.


This is really a lot of fun and the kids enjoy themselves a lot. I will have the signup ready by next week, please go online and indicate if you will be attending.


Junior and Senior swimmers will be practicing in the morning on the 20th. They are too fast to swim in this meet


This is a small, quick meet and we will be combining this with a training session for parents to get experience on meet jobs. The focus will be on getting parents trained on scoreboard, data entry and announcing. You will be expected to do these jobs at future swim meets so now is the time to get a hands on opportunity at a low-stress event.


Washington Open Results

This past weekend our older swimmers competed at Washington Open. This was a big meet with some really good teams in attendance. There was 1250 athletes competing in the meet with over 70 teams attending. During the meet a number of relays placed in the top 16 and the 400 Medley relay placed 9th overall. For the entire meet TAC placed 27th overall.


6 New Team Records

The team set 6 new records, 2 relays and 4 individual records.

            200 Medley Relay,Emmett Moore, Jacob Hoxie, Nathan Mathes, Jacob Erickson swam 1:39.33 breaking their previous record set at Husky three weeks ago.

            400 Medley Relay, Emmett Moore, Jacob Hoxie, Beau Omdal, Nathan Mathes swam 3:35.77, breaking the old record, 3:40.67. This was set at last years Senior Sectional Meet.

            200 Backstroke, Emmett Moore swam a 2:02.31 breaking Mike Laws 2:03.50 which was set a year ago at Washington Open.

            100 Breaststroke, Nathan Mathes swam a 59.17 breaking his own record set 3 weeks at Husky, 59.69.

            100 Fly, Emmett Moore swam a 50.18 breaking his own record set at last years Husky Invite 52.19. He made his first Futures cut and he is also only 0.08 off of a Junior National bonus cut.

            200 Fly, Beau Omdal swam a 1:56.88. The old record was set by Elliott Hofferth 2:00.20 in 2015, but that was broken in prelims by Beau with a 1:58.97, than in the next heat Emmett Moore broke Beaus not even cold record with a  1:58.34. Beau would get the record back in finals when he dropped another 2 seconds with is 1:56.88. Very fun to watch.


Most improved

            Runner up was Jacob Erickson with a total of 30 seconds improvement. A very strong showing but not enough. Beau Omdal dropped a total of 54 seconds with two huge swims in the 400 IM and 500 Free. Nice Job.


Wow(sit back and double take)

So mostly everyone had  a moment where I just had to admire what they were doing. So I am going to hit the highlights.


Maksym Bondar,he had two really strong swims in the 50 free and 400 im. In the 50 free he dropped an entire second and for a 50 that is huge. In the 400 im he had a 6.58 second drop swimming it in 4:28.09 and passing a number of swimmers during the breaststroke.

Oleksii Bondar, he crushed his 100 breaststroke heat. It was like he was swimming in water and everyone else was in syrup. He dropped 3 seconds and got under 1:10 for the first time.

Jacob Erickson,he had 7 of 7 races hitting 100% of his swims with a huge 10.73 time drop in his 200. His final time was a 1:56.96.

Ryan Horr,Also 7 of 7, hitting 100% of his swims. He also made his first Regional cut in the 100 backstroke swimming it in 1:00.48. That was a 2 second time drop and is within shooting range of the Regional cut for the next age group.

Jacob Hoxie,He really popped off a fast 50 free dropping 1.27 seconds and swimming it in 23.33, placing him close to a 22. He did not swim a best time but his highest placement came in the 200 breaststroke, placing 22nd.

Noah Masten,he was able to hit his long term goal of getting under 2 minutes in his 200 free. He swam a 1:59.43 and really swam a great race. He now gets to raise his expectations and reach for a faster goal.

Nathan Mathes,he was on fire dropping time in 6 of 8 and swimming his fastest 50s of the season. In his 100 breaststroke he dropped some more time, set a new record and made a Senior Sectional cut and also getting very close to a Futures cut.

Ashleigh Merrill,after having mono in November and a knee injury in December she swam a great 200 free. Her goal was under 2 minutes, did not make it but did swim a 2:01.66 which was faster than her state swim and excellent considering her last two months.

Emmett Moore, in his 100 fly he set a best time in prelims swimming a 51.64 and placing 16th. In finals he went insane and dropped another 1.5 seconds placing 9th and destroyed his heat. He is now only 1.3 off a Junior National Cut.

Beau Omdal,in his record setting 200 fly swim he swam a perfect race, looking incredibly strong. Dropping 2 seconds from his prelim swim and moving from 24th to 19th. It was great to watch.

Noah Rozema, he had a baby drop in his 50 free going a 24.99. His previous best was a 25.07 but that little drop was enough to get him his first Regional Cut.

Ellie Snowman,after bombing her first race she pulled it all back together and dropped in her next three races. She had a strong 3 second time drop in the 50 free and got so close to a 27, swimming a 28.02.

Spencer Snowman,he had a great meet and two swims that really stood out. First was his 100 fly where he broke 1 minute and swam a 57.28 and in the 200 free where he swam a 1:52.03. It was a long time coming but he lit it up.

Savannah Sparks,she dropped in 5 of her 5 swims and her biggest came in the 100 fly where she dropped 2.30 seconds.


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Something New


Here is some truth for you: no one cares about your goals.

Do you love the game?
Can you learn from defeat?
Can you come back from a devastating loss and be stronger than the day before? 

In "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," the great master Yoda looked at an old, broken Luke Skywalker who had given up on his calling. Luke believed he was a failure, and that he no longer had a purpose. Master Yoda put up a finger, interrupting Luke and demanding his attention, then whispered, "The greatest teacher, failure is."

The older I get, the more I realize people think about me way less than I imagine they do. All those people looking at you at the gym? They are not. They are either on their phones or imagining everyone is looking at them. All those folks in the stands hooting and hollering? They are there for the entertainment and to be with others doing the same. Your boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, your friends -- they support you, but your goals are up to YOU, not them. They aren?t lifting the weights, eating a high-performance diet, or limiting distractions like Netflix and social media. They aren?t staying up late at night with the jitters because of some competition the next day. Take ownership of your experience and stay focused on the goals that are in your control. In the end, those close to you will love you whether you win or you lose. So be the reason you succeed, knowing that even your best effort may result in a defeat.

Rarely will a great idea interrupt us. Silence your doubts and your ego, then what to do next to reach your goal will be obvious. 

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