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FAST Athletes Swim FAST at the Mudsock Classic

When your FAST Tigers finally showed up to swim at the FAST Mudsock Classic (due to the weather delay), they certainly showed up to swim! Mother Nature got in the way of events on Friday night, but your Tigers rebounded well and were ready to race on Saturday and Sunday (January 13-14, 2018). The team not only earned 1st place honors, but your Tigers raced well, competed hard, and earned numerous lifetime best results.

In fact, of the 189 FAST Tigers entered into the meet, 156 of them had at least 1 lifetime best time. Those earning lifetime best swims (and the number of best swims) were: Barthenia Abdelshahid (2), AJ Adams (5), Lexi Adams (6), Trevor Adcock (1), Kalli Agapios (7), Humza Akhtar (1), Casey Alexander (2), Agastya Anand (1), Logan Ayres (2), Drew Bakle (5), Johnny Bancroft (2), Lucas Beaulieu (5), Maddie Beaulieu (4), Sammy Bridges (6), Reed Beaumont (4), Evelyn BeDell (3), Dan Bennett (7), Tim Bennett (3), Allon Bluvshteyh (5), Morgan Booth (1), Lukas Bradford (6), Hannah Brown (6), Alex Burnworth (8), Addison Carlile (6), Austin Carlile (6), Connor Carlile (6), Jackson Carlile (3), Santiago Castro (7), Madelyn Christman (2), Meghan Christman (1), Brody Chop (3), Keaton Chop (8), Liam Chop (3), Alex Clark (7), Lyla Decker (3), Audrey Diehl (4), Destiny Dieu (1), Vince Dieu (3), Kiho Doura (5), Audrey Ehlin (2), Ellen Fero (2), Eden Fitzpatrick (3), Finley Flanary (2), Aly Freeman (3), Marcus Fudge (10), Seita Fukuchi (3), Alex Garcia (3), Rachel Garcia (1), Jake Gates (1), Kyle Haflich (3), Izzy Harding (1), Hannah Harding (1), Dominic Henderson (7), Isaac Henderson (6), Louie Henderson (6), Victor Herbert (2), Samantha Hietpas (1), Jonny Hines (4), Amon Hioki (1), Hayden Hollowell (3), Hunter Hollowell (4), Cory Jacocks (1), Abby Jahns (1), Eshan Jain (4), Tommy Johanneman (3), Tashar Kalirai (5), Blair Kallas (1), George Kallas (6), Kanta Kataoka (3),  Taichi Kataoka (2), Gabe Kean (6), Mallory Kean (5), Bruno Kitazuka (2), Diego Kitazuka (1), Minon Kobari (3), Aaron Koeske (1), Alex Koo (4), Diane Koo (1), Hagen Lee (5), Hudson Lee (10), Larkin Lee (1), Evan Makielski (4), Matthew Makielski (2), Sophie Malone (4), Mei Mamiya (3), Zach McEwen (4), Aaron Meade (2), Abby Miller (7), Bradford Miller (1), Thomas Miller (2), Eric Mokube (4), Megan Mybeck (1), Tommy Mybeck (2), Alex Nguyen (5), Amy Nguyen (1), Brian Nguyen (5), Mia Noel (5), Aleksander Nowacki (8), Konstanty Nowacki (5), Isaiah Ortiz (2), Salome Ortiz (1), Megan Parker (6), Mia Parker (4), Jessica Patrick (3), Courtney Phillips (6), Maddie Phillips (2), Emily Pfeifer (2), Mackenzie Pierce (1), Kyle Ponsler (5), Hannah Pratt (2), Bella Puff (1), Charlie Ramey (2), Frankie Ramey (1), Lydia Reade (4), Ella Reddoch (2), Lexi Reddoch (5), Rissa Reddoch (5), Grace Robinson (6), Molly Robinson (4), Ben Russell (6), Myra Sacchini (4), Rodrigo Sanchez (3), Emma Schumacher (3), Emma Schwertferger (3), Tyler Schwertferger (5), Marcus Sherrod (4), Callie Shine (5), Nic Silva (4), Harry Singh (1), Elaina Smith (6), Finn Smith (6), Ken Smith (4), Wyatt Smith (5), Grace Stagge (1), James Stasey (4), Alexandra Stein (2), Avery Stein (1), Anna Stephan (1), Rylee Taylor (1), Kylie Terpening (1), Audrey Tragesser (8), Jennie Urbanski (3), Nick Viola (3), Miya Wai (1), Sarah Walton (5), Sarah Wilcutts (1), Delaney Wilson (5), Mia Wilson (2), Kate Wineinger (8), Dylan Wolf (5), Emily Wolf (9), Sophia Wolfgang (4), Ashley Wyatt (2), Corinne Yorkman (2), Demi Zhang (5), Kevin Zhang (9), and Lily Ziino (7). 

Winning individual events were Hudson Lee (B 10&U; 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 50 Back, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 Fly, 200 IM), James Stasey (B 11-12; 500 Free, 50 Back, 200 IM), Madelyn Christman (G 13-14; 100 Free, 200 Free, 400 IM), Kyle Ponsler (B 13-14; 500 Free, 400 IM), Kyle Haflich (B Open; 200 Free, 200 Back, 400 IM), Lydia Reade (G 13-14; 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 500 Free, 200 IM), Aaron Frollo (B Open; 500 Free, 1650 Free), Sammy Bridges (B 11-12; 50 Fly, 50 Breast, 100 Breast, 50 Free), Austin Carlile (B 8&U; 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 100 IM), Connor Carlile (B 11-12; 100 Fly, 100 Back), Jackson Carlile (B 13-14; 50 Free, 100 Free), Nic Silva (B Open; 100 Back), Drake Stallworth (B Open; 200 Fly, 100 Free), Tim Bennett (B Open; 50 Free), Allon Bluvshteyh (B 10&U; 50 Breast), Emily Wolf (8&U; 25 Fly, 50 Fly, 50 Back, 50 Breast, Free), Alexandra Stein (G 13-14; 100 Fly), Tyler Schwertferger (B 13-14; 1650 Free), Delaney Wilson (G 8&U; 50 Free),

Winning 200 Medley Relay teams included the 8&U Boys (Dominic Henderson, Austin Carlile, Tommy Mybeck, and Santiago Castro), 10&U Boys (Isaac Henderson, Allon Bluvshteyh, Hudson Lee, AJ Adams), 11-12 Boys (Connor Carlile, Keaton Chop, Sammy Bridges, and James Stasey), the 13-14 Boys (Kyle Ponsler, Reed Beaumont, Dan Bennett, and Jackson Carlile), the Open Boys (Tim Bennett, Kyle Haflich, Drake Stallworth, and Nick Harris), the 8&U Girls (Larkin Lee, Sofia Ortiz, Emily Wolf, and Delaney Wilson), and the 13-14 Girls (Kalli Agapios, Alexandra Stein, Madelyn Christman, and Meghan Christman).  In the 200 Free Relay, winning teams included the 8&U Boys (Tommy Mybeck, Liam Chop, Dominic Henderson, and Austin Carlile), 10&U Boys (Victor Herbert, Kevin Zhang, and Hudson Lee), 11-12 Boys (Sammy Bridges, Connor Carlile, Keaton Chop, and James Stasey), 13-14 Girls (Meghan Christman, Alexandra Stein, Lydia Reade, and Madelyn Christman), 13-14 Boys (Kyle Ponsler, Reed Beaumont, Tyler Schwertferger, and Jackson Carlile), and the Open Boys (Trevor Adcock, Drake Stallworth, Tim Bennett, and Kyle Haflich).

Congratulations also go out to the FAST athletes who earned high point honors at the FAST Mudsock Classic.  For the 8&U age group, Delaney Wilson finished 1st and Emily Wolf finished 2nd. On the boys side, Austin Carlile finished 2nd, Tommy Mybeck was 4th, and Dominic Henderson took 5th. Addison Carlile finished 3rd and Emma Schumacher finished 5th for the 10&U Girls, while Hudson Lee, AJ Adams, and Isaac Henderson took 1st, 3rd, and 4th, respectively. The 11-12 Boys swept the top 4 spots. Congratulations go out to James Stasey (1st), Sammy Bridges (2nd), Keaton Chop (3rd), and Connor Carlile (4th). Not to be outdone, Madelyn Christman won the 13-14 Girls, followed by Lydia Reade in 2nd and Alexandra Stein in 3rd.  Kyle Ponsler took the top honors for the 13-14 Boys. Finally, the Open Boys swept the top 5 spots with Tim Bennett leading the way. Aaron Frollo took 2nd, Drake Stallworth was 3rd, Kyle Haflich raced to a 4th place finish, and Joel Crull rounded out the Top 5. Congratulations to all our Tigers on a great weekend of racing!

Thank you all for your flexibility as the storm wreaked havoc with our Friday schedule. Thank you also to all of our officials and volunteers who worked many hours this past weekend to make this event a great experience for our swimmers. We truly could not do this without you.

And finally, thank you to all who donated to the FAST Gives Back program. By the event's conclusion, the donation bins were overflowing. Your generosity was overwhelming and truly appreciated by the Humane Society of Hamilton County.

Congratulations again on a great weekend to all of our athletes and families. We look forward to seeing you race later this month at the Center Grove Invitational.  Tiger Up!