A letter From WPAC

Dear Wahoo Families:

WPAC would like to outline the following program to help incentivize as many parents as possible to become Officials over the next year.

  1. All Certified Officials will receive a white “Officials” polo every fall.
  2. Those that become Starters and above will have their Fundraising/Team Development fees waived (this is effective immediately, contact Kerri Mims,, with questions).
  3. Those that become Deck or Meet Referees will have their Program fees waived -- up to a team total of $5000 combined for all WYW Referees.

As you know, hosting and attending swim meets is an integral part of being a Wahoo. Swim meets give the coaches a lot of feedback and prepare us for higher levels of competition. Meets show us where we are in our training, what skills we need to continue to work on, what our swimmers may be ready for next, and help to bring out the very best in everyone!

The coaching staff likes our swimmers to compete on average about once every 3-4 weeks depending on the age of the swimmer and their level. As coaches, we also like to build the meets in quality, geographic scope and importance throughout the season. Our home meet schedule is built with these ideas in mind.

With these thoughts in mind, the Wahoos host up to nine meets throughout the year, two of those are in the summer. We like to host meets to meet the needs of our entire team throughout the course of the year so that our families do not have to travel to too many away meets. We love to host shorter meets for our newer younger swimmers and we work really hard to draw great competition for our team in our larger meets so that our swimmers can be tested.

And yes, we host meets to raise money for our team! All net income from the meets goes directly back into the team’s budget and the facility. We really cannot do without hosting swim meets. This is where we need your help.

Hosting a swim meet requires lots and lots of volunteer help. Depending on the size of the meet and whether we are using two pools or not, up to 90 volunteers are need to run each session of our biggest meets. That is just for one session -- a weekend meet like the Thanksgiving Invite has 8 sessions over the course of the weekend.

Many of the volunteers are untrained positions. Meaning there is little to no previous “class time” required to perform one’s duties. One can help the team by doing an assigned duty for the day with often very little preparation. There are also trained positions which require more time. And some, Officials for example, require annual classes and testing. Every year it takes work to recruit and train new trained workers (Officials, Meet Managers, Computer, and Dak operators). Over the last couple of years we have had a shrinking pool of Certified USA/YMCA Officials. This year we have reached a critically limited pool of Officials, specifically Deck Referees and Meet Referees, from which to draw.

Going forward, without more participation from our parents to become Officials at all levels, and most importantly, that of Meet Referee, an absolutely essential position to hosting a meet, we will not be able to host swim meets. Next year due to the Wilton YMCA renovation we will host no meets in the Fall of 2018. Our first hosted meet would be in January 2019 after our June 2018 meet. This give us a window of time to train up our parents to become Certified USA/YMCA Swimming Officials.

Please contact Kerri Mims,, for more information. Thank you for your help in this matter!