Blue Wave Water Polo Has Arrived!

Blue Wave Water Polo Has Arrived!

Saturday, January 20th 2018 marked a new era for Blue Wave and BSAC. We kicked off the first session of our new Water Polo Program. I am not just the Head coach of Blue Wave. I am also the Director of Competitive Aquatics at BSAC. In that role, I seek ways to bring all types of aquatic programming to the facility. Once we stabilized the swim team, water polo was next on the agenda.

I am not big on throwing together programming just for the sake of having it out there. If we were going to do this, we were going to do this right. Fortunately, we found a good man with a true passion for the sport to start off the program properly. Our new Head Water Polo Coach, Zach Miller, is a former club and Division One collegiate player and coach. After watching the first practice, I knew my initial feeling that Zach was the right man for the job was more than confirmed.

Many swim coaches do not want water polo anywhere near their pool. Most feel that it will take away from the growth and stability of their swim team. When the programs are properly integrated, nothing can be further from the truth. Water polo and competitive swimming happily coexist in many areas of the country. In fact, both flourish in these areas because of the cross pollination between the two aquatic disciplines.

We are crafting ways for participants in one sport to be engaged in the other. Swimming helps water polo and water polo helps swimming. We are beginning with a weekend schedule so is does not interfere with the current swim schedule.  We will be offering weekday options as we grow. Current swimmers can use these water polo sessions to gain invaluable in pool time. I have actually cut the number of morning sessions some of the seniors need to attend because they now attend water polo practices on the weekends.

We are rolling out this program out in stages. Soon, we will be fielding teams for all ages and abilities. Yes, that means we will have adult water polo offered soon. Parents. Water polo is a great way to have fun, meet new people and get in shape. How great would it be to get into the pool while your child is swimming and play water polo? If you or your child have any interest in this new program, sign up to receive more information at .

Current Practice & Fee Schedule - more options coming soon!

Yearly Club Registration Fee $65

Yearly AAU registration Fee $29

Monthly Club Dues $65*

*Active Blue Wave Swimmers Monthly Dues Are Reduced Fifty Percent To $37.50.

There may be additional costs associated with competitions, travel, etc.

The Blue Wave Water Polo Team Will Provide the equipment needed to practice and play the game.

Information on suits, team attire and what to bring to practice and games will be provided at signup.

We are currently meet on Saturday and Sundays at 11:00am.

The staff reserves the right to modify start times based on age and ability. This will only be in flux during the very early stages of our program's rollout. More days and times will be offered soon.


We are excited about this new program and hope you are as well. Spread the word! Water Polo Has Arrived To East Hillsborough!


See you at the pool - Rich