Titletown Freeze and OSS #7 Newsletter


Congrats to all the swimmers who participated in the Titletown Freeze swim meet this past weekend and to those who swam in the OSHY Swim Series #7 last night.  It is so exciting to see the progress the swimmers are making and to see the relationships continue to strengthen within the team.  Huge thank you to the parents for all the support you give your children and our team.  


Titletown Freeze

We had 97 swimmers attend this meet.  That is more than any other team that participated.  Way to dominate FCYST!  We had a total of 188 best times that equaled 668.77 seconds of personal time dropped!  Wow!  Below you will see the swimmers who had a Perfect Meet (all best times and all legal swims), swimmers who had Big Time Drops (personal best time of over 10 seconds in a single race) and the swimmers who achieved new YMCA and USA State Qualifying Times.  Congrats to all who participated!  So proud of all of you!

Perfect Meet:  Gracie Baum, Zoey Baum, Ryan Campana, Josie Denzin, Kellan Glenn, Katie Hintz, Alex Inglis, Kately McGinnis, Megan Mladucky, Cole Mursau, Wyatt Pershing, Sophia Sidgman, Tanner Trustem, Emerson Vanden Langenberg, and Tyler VanGompel

Big Time Drop:  Beau Andree (2), Zoey Baum, Bryn Hansen, Denali Isaacs, Kaitlyn Leach, Gabby LeCaptain, Michael Michlig, Amelia Olson (2), Mehul Rangbulla, Jillian Schneider, Tanner Trustem, Brooklyn VanGompel, Tyler VanGompel and Elizabeth Zickler

New YMCA State Cuts:  Ana Flanagan (200 IM), Logan Hash (100 Free), Alli Hemp (200 Free), Kaitlyn Leach (200 Breast), Graham Moore (50 Free and 200 Free), Simon Moore (100 IM and 25 Breast), Sophia Pierce (100 Back), Mehul Rangbulla (500 Free), Ella Romberg (200 Breast and 100 Back), and Emma Seibel (50 Free, 100 Back and 200 Free)

New USA State Cuts:  Ana Flanagan (200 IM), Ella Romberg (100 Breast), Emma Seibel (500 Free, 50 Free, 200 Fly), and Tyler VanGompel (50 Back)


OSHY Swim Series #7

We had a small, but fun group of kids attend the Swim Series #7 swim meet last night.  Lots of fast, fun swims by our team!  Congrats to all who participated!  Since this was a sprint meet with the longest races being 100s, we acknowledged the swimmers who dropped at least 5 seconds in a race for Big Time Drops. 

Perfect Meet:  Abigail Anderson, Anika Nettekoven, and Amelia Olson

Big Time Drops: Jakob Duquaine, Ana Flanagan, Gabby LeCaptain and Kacie Stamm,

New YMCA State Cuts:  Amelia Olson (50 Breast)