Senior News



January 25, 2018



Good Afternoon Everyone!  Today is a great day and I will tell you why.  Mid-terms are finally over and all I can say is “Thank Goodness.”  I know many were feeling the pinch mid-terms – and in a few months, final exams – causes and to keep the balance of life enhances the challenges faced.  I have no doubt that all and aced pretty much every test and now we can get back to business.  Preparing for FAST swimming.


A belated “THANK YOU” to all who helped at the Pentathlon this past weekend.  Not only those that timed or officiated on Sunday, but an extra shout out to the parents that also worked on Saturday when they did not have a child swimming.  Commitment to the TEAM.  Commitment to the team being a FAMILY and supporting everyone.  That is an integral key to success.


Our next opportunity for racing will be at Chelsea Piers the weekend of February  2-4.  Unfortunately, it is too late to be added to the entry.  After the CPAC meet, it preparations for championships.  They are around the corner.  Here is the latest countdown:

Ø    Regional Championships: 36 Days

Ø    CT Senior Champs: 42 Days

Ø    Age Group Champs: 49

Ø    Y Nationals: 68 Days


Following the meet weekend, the following weekend is our annual Pancake Breakfast - Saturday, February 10.  Be sure to invite your friends and family.  We want people to attend so get the word out. Now!


As a treat which I think we all need is that we will take tomorrow afternoon– Friday, January 26th – OFF.  Make the effort to there in the morning.  Regular Saturday 6-9am.


We will also have dryland Saturday morning at the regular 1130am time.  I am aware this is a challenging time, unfortunately space is not available before that time.  Please make the time to attend.  You have the rest of the weekend to hang loose.




Ø    Friday, Jan 26: Morning only – NO Afternoon

Ø    Friday, Feb 2 – Sunday, Feb 4: Chelsea Piers Meet

o     This is a timed final meet

Ø    Saturday, Feb. 10: PANCAKE BREAKFAST – No Practice

o     More info to follow.