Sangha Drops Huge PB?s at Winskill LMR

 Sangha Drops Huge PB’s at Winskill LMR

The Delta Sungod Swim Club (DSSC) were out in force at the Winskill Dolphin Swim Club’s annual LMR meet.  This regional level swim competition played host to 250 athletes from around the Lower Mainland Region and exposed swimmers new to the sport to racing situations.  DSSC brought over 30 athletes including some of its seniors swimmers to gain some experience.

Some swimmers may swim 6 or 8 events over the course of the weekend, and regardless of the time between swims or the number of swims they try to be personal bests or as close to them as possible each and every time.  For Pawaneet Sangha (13) this weekend’s meet was a great stepping stone as she went 6 for 6 personal bests.  The drops achieved by Sangha weren’t small, averaging 2 to 17 seconds per race regardless of the distance. 

“Regardless of the level of the individual athlete, everyone had an opportunity to better themselves this weekend,” says DSSC Head Coach Kurt Murphy, “we went into the meet with a very specific process goal for each individual’s races.   Allowing them to practice those processes in a low stress environment is the first step in learning and in mastery.”

DSSC swimmers battled hard at the finishes to ensure new personal best times and finish some great duels against their competition.   Top 8 finishers for DSSC were:

Kayah Apanowicz (11) 5th 400 free, 6th 100 back/200 free, 7th 100 fly/200 fly
Akashvir Bhangu (14) gold 200 fly/200 back/100 fly, silver 100 back/400 free/200 back
Janaat Bhangu (9) 4th 100 free/50 back, 6th 100 breast,8th 200 IM
Mannat Bhinder (12) 7th 100 fly, 8th 400 free
Kyle Chapieski (10) 5th 100 fly, 6th 200 back
Angel Cheng (16) gold 100 breast, bronze 50 fly/100 fly, 4th 100 back, 5th 200 IM/200 back
Jada Evans (13) gold 50 fly/400 free, silver 200 fly/100 free, bronze 200 IM/50 back
Ellen Ge (12) 6th 100 fly, 7th 50 breast, 9th 100 free
Harbir Grewal (13) gold 100 back/200 IM/200 back/200 free, bronze 100 free/50 free
Jatinder Grewal (9) gold 500 free/200 free, 4th 100 back/100 breast, 6th 100 free/200 IM
Lucas Jamias (12) silver 200 fly, 5th 50 fly
Samantha Kidd (16) gold 200 fly, 4th 200 fr/400 fr, 7th 200 IM/100 fr, 8th 200 bk
Hailey Penner (15) gold 100 back
Harleen Rai (9) bronze 100 breast/50 free/200 back, 5th 100 back/100 free, 7th 200 IM
Yuvraj Rai (10) 8th 100 back
Ramneet Sandhu (12) silver 200 free, bronze 100 free, 4th 400 free, 5th 200 fly, 7th 200 IM
Pawaneet Sangha (13) silver 50 fly/100 fly, 4th 200 fly/100 breast, 5th 400 free, 6th 200 IM
Sarveen Sangha (15) gold 200 breast/200 back, silver 100 fly/100 breast, bronze 100 back, 4th 200 IM
Mary Stewart (14) 5th 100 breast, 7th 50 back
Jaya Sunner (14) bronze 100 free/400 free, 5th 100 fly, 6th 200 back, 7th 200 IM
Nyssa Sunner (12) bronze 50 breast, 4th 50 fly/200 back, 5th 100 breast
Kirra Trites (11) gold 50 fly/200 fly/200 free, bronze 50 breast, 4th 100 fly, 6th 100 breast
Marcus Hugo Viloria (11) gold 200 back, silver 50 free/100 breast, bronze 200 fly/50 breast
Jacelyn Wu (15) gold 400 IM/200 IM, silver 100 back
Michael Yang (12) silver 400 free
Aurora Zheng (15) gold 100 free/400 free, silver 200 IM/200 free, 4th 100 fly, 6th 100 back

DSSC had 4 swimmers who achieved new qualifying times this weekend.  Harbir Grewal Tier 1 100 back, Hailey Penner Tier 2 100 back, Kirra Trites Tier 1 100 fly and Marcus Hugo Viloria Tiew 1 50 free.

The Delta Sungod Swim Club is gearing up for Championship season February/March/April with LMR championships in Richmond BC, Tier 1 Championships in Penticton, Tier 2 Championships in Kamloops and Western Nationals in Victoria.

For more information on DSSC programs including fees, practice times, expectations and requirements to join visit www.teamsungod.ca or call 604-345-5912.  DSSC has ongoing registration throughout the season so it is never too late to start.  Dragons Learn To Compete groups swim 1x, 2x or 3x per week depending on your schedule.