Home Meet Wrap-up

What an awesome final home meet!

We broke 3 records-

  1. Kayla Payson- 200 Fly (she has also beat the 50 and 100 Fly records this season!)
  2. Abby Donnelly- 50 Breast
  3. 11-12 Girls 200 Free relay- Maeve Littlefield, Mia Winslow, Finley Marriner and Romy Lafage. 

Congratulations to those girls, and our team! We also noticed, yet again, how kind and gracious our team and facility is at hosting these meets. I saw multiple timers, parents, and officials congratulating members of all teams. Our Y staff volunteering in concessions offered smiles and fun to anyone who passed by. Our front desk calmly and kindly directed athletes to the gym, upstairs, or into the locker rooms (quite a feat considering just how many athletes were in the building on Saturday!). Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU for all being just the best. 

While we did notice this awesome feeling of sportsmanship between teams, we need to be sure to offer it to each other as well. A couple swimmers left the pool boasting about their swims, which by all means we should be proud! But the best athletes try their hardest and are positive about the outcome no matter what. They congratulate their team mates on their successful swims as opposed to bragging about how much better they did. We have had a truly outstanding season so far, and though we are getting towards the end, we would like to keep positivity and sportsmanship high on our list of team expectations. 

While we are getting towards the end of the season, coaches ask you to remind kids about goggles, and if necessary please buy a new pair! We had not, one, but TWO (that Eryn saw) cases of goggle straps snapping or clips breaking on the way up to the blocks. Thank goodness for extras! Be sure you have an extra pair to send your swimmer with, or invest on an extra pair today! Reminder- we have goggles behind the front desk for $12-$15. 


We are starting to run through the meets swum by each athlete this season, a reminder that your swimmer needs to have 3 meets swum in order to compete in the state meet. We sent emails out last week, check your emails and get back to us! We hope for 100% participation from our team at the state meet, but understand that life happens! Please let us know your intentions as soon as possible if you are NOT planning on attending the state meet, this way we can start to wrap our heads around what's going on that weekend. (More info on the state meet to come!)


Splash-a-thon! money is due to the front desk by Friday, February 16th. This is the last day of school before February vacation, and conveniently the same day as our third and final gear order for the season. Swim practice will be the usual times during vacation. 

Finally, our Masters Meet is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th, with a 9:00 warm up and a 10:00 start time. This is a fundraiser for the Bluefish swim team, we could use any volunteers as timers, officials, computer operators, and of course we will need some swimmers as well! Never swam a meet before? No worries, lots of people use this as an excuse to try something new, swim new events, or to get in shape for events to come later in the year. If you think you're interested in participating in some way, shape or form, email Eryn for more info. To register, pick up an entry form at the Aquatics Bulletin Board! There you will also find past meet results, in case you want to scope out the competition. 

Stay tuned for a separate newsletter this week on State Meet Specifics!