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Vallejo 1/27-28/18

It was a cold weekend in Vallejo, but at least it wasn’t a wet weekend in Vallejo.  Which this meet has been in the past.  I couldn’t be happier with the results from the swimmers this weekend.  On Saturday, we had 7 swimmers with everyone having at least one really good swim. Sierra Balch got all best times in her 3 events, taking almost 6 seconds off on her 50 Fly!!!  Zoe Cass-Lein had a great weekend overall not having one bad swim, but on Saturday, she took over 2 seconds off her 50 Fly!!!  Audrey Chiang did two events for the first time and took over 4 seconds off her 100 Fly!!!  Harry Parsons also finished the day with all best times and also took over 4 seconds off his 50 Fly!   I guess the Marlins are becoming butterfliers!  Anthony Wu had an amazing day and took almost 10 seconds off his 50 free!!!  Estelle Engelskirchen and Wes Schwietert finished off the day with some amazing 500 free swims. 

With such a great Saturday you probably would figure that Sunday would be a letdown.  But the 6 swimmers that showed up on Sunday would prove you wrong.  Jack Benga not only was around for the whole day when he didn’t swim until about 11am, he managed to swim the 100 free without goggles and took 3 seconds off his 50 breaststroke!  Ella Brait, after being sick the last few days, got all best times and took more than 3 seconds off her 100 back!  I actually did a double take with the time on my watch because I thought I read it wrong!!!  As mentioned before, Zoe had a great weekend and not only did she finish a clean 100 Fly, she took over 4 seconds off her 100 IM!  Estelle didn’t show any signs of being tired from her great 500 the day before, she came back with a 5 ½ second drop off her 200 Free, missing a JO time by just 4 tenths of a second.  Wes couldn’t be outdone, so also took a little over a second off his 200 Free.   Finally Anythony Wu also had to wait all day without swimming, but that pent up energy was put to good use when he did finally get to swim as he took off almost 5 seconds on his 25 free!!!

Out of the 41 swims from the weekend, I only got one DQ slip and it was really small infraction that had little to do with the swimmers stroke.  I really didn’t think of it as a DQ.  34 of the 41 swims were best times…that is 83% best times!  That is a rare high number!  4 swims were events that were swum for the very first time.  A great weekend of swimming…..can’t wait for the next meet!!!