2018 Registration Fees

Registration - NOW ONLINE!

NEW this year, registration will be ONLINE! With the new website, we now have the capability to implement online registration.  The process should be smooth and easy and you will be walked through each step. If you are a returning family and are adding a new sibling, you can add the sibling when you register existing swimmers. The new website will also allow online sign up for some volunteer positions.


Check payment and credit card payment will be accepted. Credit card payments will be subject to a 3% fee. This is a pass through cost from the bank.

Returning families (swimmers and siblings) registration will be open starting February 1, 2018.  Returning swimmers have until February 20, 2018 to register to receive a guaranteed spot on the team. Please click the 2018 REGISTRATION button on our new website that will be activated on February 1, 2018.

New swimmer(s) registration will open February 20, 2018.

NEW Volunteer Declaration: As in past years, we ask each family to indicate each area they are willing to volunteer.  With our new website, we have the capability to sign up for volunteer jobs online.  However, we are still asking parents to submit their selections for where they would like to volunteer (e.g., Team parents, hospitality, etc). We want to be able to develop as list of volunteers the leads can call upon if certain positions are not filled in a timely way.  Families must complete the survey at the following link as part of their registration:
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NGD5STX  Your swimmer's registration WILL NOT be activated until a response has been received via this link. This survey can be completed any time or within 2 days of completing the registration process. 

Registration Fees:

As we always try to do each year, we want to be transparent with our registration fees and operational costs. Below is a graphic of how our operational costs are spent. Our most important priority is to provide a quality recreational swim program for the Elk Grove Community that provides a highly competitive and family-friendly swim program for the best value. To deliver that program, there are fixed costs that are not within our control, including an increasing Minimum Wage standard, increasing mandatory insurance requirements, and increasing pool rental fees. In setting our fee structure, we continually evaluate and try to fairly implement fees for all swimmers including multiple-swimmer families. In addition, we seek to maintain parity with other recreational swim programs considering amount of practice time offered, quality of swim facilities, and number of swimmers and coaches.

  • As with past years, 2018 registration fees will include the following:
  • each swimmer will have guaranteed access to 5-6 days of practices (1 practice/day in April/May and 2 practices/day in June/July) directed by EGP coaching staff;
  • each swimmer will receive a team t-shirt;
  • each family will receive 1 ticket for the Piranhapalooza Fundraising Event that will be held in June 2018 (exact date TBA);
  • each family will receive one 8x10 Team photo, one 4x6 individual photo, and one individual photo button per swimmer.
  • In setting 2018 fees, we acknowledge that other teams in our league set separate "family registration fees" or "mandatory fundraising requirements". We have chosen to NOT implement those requirements for the 2018 season and instead establish a flat registration fee.  We will continue to evaluate this over time. 
  • Volunteer Requirements: Similar to past years, families will have a mandatory volunteer requirement that can be achieved in a variety of ways. Please remember the requirement of our Parent Volunteer Policy which states: "Each family is required to volunteer for twenty (20) hours during the regular swim season and for two (2) shifts at Championships (provided the family attends). The penalty for not completing the required hours is $20.00 per missing hour and $50 per shift for Championships (NOTE: This has increased from last year). This financial penalty will be assessed at registration for the next swim season. NOTE: if you did not complete your volunteer requirement in the 2017 season, those charges have been attached to your account and will show up on your total fees during checkout.
  • This year you will see increases in fees for individual swimmers and families with multiple swimmers. Registration fees are presented below. In general, registration fees range from $118 to $130 per month (over a 4 month swim season) per swimmer (variance depends on whether a multiple swimmer discount is applied) for 5-6 days of instruction per week.
    • 1 Swimmer                    $520.00
    • 2 Swimmers                  $995.00
    • 3 Swimmers                  $1,445.00
    • 4 Swimmers                  $1,895.00
    • High School Swimmer    $375.00

*Payment options are available. To use a payment option, you must contact our registrar Jenn Chernyy at registrar@elkgrovepiranhas.com PRIOR to registering your swimmers.

**Registration Fees do not include Northern California Swim League fees of $15. Swimmers must register with Northern California Swim League at www.norcalswimleague.com. Registration is now open.**


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Again, the team strives to manage its resources in the most economical and efficient manner it can and tries to distribute costs to all families as equitably as possible. If you have any questions on your individual/family registration fee requirements, please contact our registrar Jenn Chernyy at registrar@elkgrovepiranhas.com