Tags hotel info

If you need a room for TAGS, please go to our webpage, under EVENTS/TAGS there is a link for hotels.  All of these hotels have a block of rooms set up by the meet host.  Please don't delay in getting your room.  Many of them have a cut off date of Feb. 19 or earlier to book rooms at the reduced rate.  Most or all rooms can be released with in a day or two of the date of travel if you need to cancel.  It is better to have the room and cancel that to try and get a room last minute.  EPAP is not blocking rooms for this meet since the meet host has already blocked rooms.

Most of the blocks check out on Sunday, March 4.  Most of us will need a room that night and check out on May 5.  Call the hotel when making your reservations, and most will extend your stay at the same rate.