Team Email 1-30-18

Team Email 1-30-18
What a wonderful January! We’ve had lot of great performances and accomplishments from our Water Polo and Swimming programs as well as our overall teamwork was quite successfully presented at our 2018 Build The Base meet. Long Email…I know…but please read it all!

Important Dates

  1. Spring Swim Registration - Opens February 15. Current athletes will not have to re-try out. Placements for the spring season will be communicated to those athletes after their final competitions, however, at this point in the season there usually is very little movement. More group moves will occur at the conclusion of the long course season in August. More will be posted on that component of our program later.   Summer season runs April 9-end of July.
  2. February Water Polo - High School Boys - we will add a few practices for the boys after this weekend that will run through February 24th. This will be offered at a cost of $100. Please contact Coach Laszlo to participate. Registration fees will be charged on February 10th. Schedule will be posted by the end of this week (3 workouts per week)
  3. Spring Break - All programs will be on spring break hiatus from March 24-April 8. Some small programming may be available, but that will be communicated at a later date. Workouts will resume April 9th.

Upcoming Events

  1. Tech Suit Fitting - this will be offered early next week at Northfield - please keep a look out for the email and reminders.
  2. Hour of Power & All-Team Banquet - April 14th! PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR

Safe Sport protocol & reminders

In the light of the unfortunate events and tragic victims of USA Gymnastics & their employees, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our membership of the services provided by USA Swimming & USA Water Polo.  We want to have a safe and fun environment for our athletes as well as provide them additional support as needed within the role of coach and mentors. Bullying, sexual harassment or disrespect of any sort is not tolerated at NTA as detailed in our athlete code of conduct that each parent agrees to during the registration process.  Athlete Code of Conduct

Parent Training is available on the USA Swimming website regarding safe sport practices in our community CLICK HERE for USA Swimming SAFE SPORT

And remember - if you see something, say something.

Practice Reminders

  • As the workouts lessen for the gents as they move towards their HS championship season, we will occasionally get the opportunity to practice earlier in the evening. We appreciate your understanding in advance as sometimes it will be short notice, but we feel an earlier bedtime is always preferable if we can make that happen!
  • Please remind your athletes to conduct themselves in a responsible manner in the locker rooms. We have had a few reports from each of our facilities that we have been doing any or all of the following - profane language, using high school towels, leaving a mess (food or otherwise) and other general horseplay.  While we all appreciate the enthusiasm of youth, it is important to make sure we put our best foot forward!

Miscellaneous Reminders

  • Long Course Meet & TENTATIVE Practice Schedule will be online by the end of next week when we finalize all of our pool contracts for the summer.
  • It’s Flu Season! Big time! Hydrate. Sleep. Wash your hands. Wear hats!! Be smart!


Congrats to our ODP Central Zone qualifiers - 18U Taylor Jones; 14U Emma Wendt & Camille Trench & Noah Wendt. Also congrats to ODP Camp participants Carmen Connor-Crewe & Sydney Kalainov!!

Congrats to Kaelyn Gridley on being selected to the 2018 Central Zone Select Camp at the University of Cincinnati May 24-27!

Congrats to Joelle Ohr & Ean Vandergraaf and Coach Matt Zachan for being selected to participate in the 2018 USA Swimming Leadership Summit at University of Houston, April 20-22!

Congrats to Coach Alexis for being named as the Head Coach for the Eastern Zone Select Camp, June 7-11 at University of Virginia!

Vote for our athletes who are up for 22nd Century Media Athlete of the Year for 2017. Patrick Gridley and Charlie Scheinfeld -

And finally - congrats to all our athletes who have so far qualified for championship competition! This is our list of regional qualifiers with additional notes for State and NCSA qualifications - we have a small amount of meets left to qualify - so SIGN UP TODAY!!

Championship Qualifiers as of January 30, 2018
# indicates athlete has also qualified for Age Group or Senior State
* indicates athlete has also qualified for NCSA Junior National Championships

Ladies Gentlemen

Molly Ball

Chloe Brown #

Jordan Burnett

Alexis Burton

Sally Carpenter

Elise Chiang

Sydney Colburn #*

Sabrina Comess #

Carmen Connor-Crewe

Caroline Eadie

Josephine Eadie

Emma Eldring #

Kristin Engleking

Caitlin Fotsch

Ashley Goettsche

Kate Graham

Kaelyn Gridley #*

Margaret Guanci #*

Ceola Halloran #

Julia Harron

Ana Hazelhurst
Maggie Heintz

Addy Hillerbrand

Carly Jennings #

Ariela Katz #*

Shannon Kearney #*

Ana Kimball
Ana Kirie
Lexi Kittner

Alyssa Knaus

Tamara Kret

Emilia Krolikowski

Lily Kurzydlo #*

Katherine Lasonde

Molly MacKinnon

Sara Maquera

Megan Meade #

Thea Michael

Sara Morton

Ally Mulvey #

Elyse Newlands

Maeve O’Donnell #

Joelle Ohr #*

Maddie Ohr

Audrey Pelzek

Greta Pelzek #*

Lierin Peterson

Olivia Picard

Maddy Reed #

Audrey Richardson #*

Jane Sanderson #

Lucy Schofeld

Marin Shimkus

Stella Tomlinson

Blair Trench

Camille Trench

Alex Two

Kasey Venn #*

Angela Visconti

Sofia Wainscott

Kathleen Wannemacher

Molly Warden

Alexis Wendel #

Leslie Wendel #

Emma Wendt
Anna Werts

Vivian Wu #*

Joyce Yoon

George Angelov
Pearce Bailey #

Thomas Barr #

Ethan Chan #

Wilhelm Chaplin #

Mason Cotter #

Joe Dienstag #

Sam Dienstag

Ben Dukes #

Luke Friedstedt

Patrick Gridley #*

Ryan Gridley #*

Scott Grodecki

Jacob Hagist

Marc Hagist

Diarmaid Halloran

Aidan Hazelhurst

Stefan Iovanescu

Connor Jones

Chris Kearney #

Ben Ketchum #

Ethan Kim

Grant Koeppen #

Daniel Kurdryatsteva

Mihir Kumar #

Brendan Larkin #
Quinn Larkin

Taeyoung Lee

Max Lestina

Ethan Meyer

Alex Michael #

Yuri Mishustin

Jack Mitidiero #

Rishi Nair

Will Newlands #

Pierson Ohr #*

Owen Pelzek

Clay Perry

Nathan Reid #

Ric Ricciardi #

Evan Rittner #

Charlie Scheinfeld #*

JP Soukoulis #

Tony Spallone

Charlie Steinback

Nick Torre #

Ean Vandergraaf #*

Ric Vandergraaf

Chris Vongher

Charlie Walter

Blair Wang

Hank Woodman
Brayden Wu

Andy Xue
Noah Zahn

Vincent Zhang