Team update additional info

Fundraising Clarification:

Since there has been some confusion, I think I need to clarify 

  • If you have NOT started fundraising 
    • you Will be Billed the amount due on Feb 1
  • If you have started:
    • You have till March 31 to complete
    • If not completed at that point, you will be billed the balance due PLUS a $ 50.00 inconvenience fee on April 2nd.



Wahoo Outreach

This February in honor of Valentine’s Day let’s send some WAHOO love to Puerto Rico!  Our WAHOO family has family on the ground working on relief efforts and with churches to distribute items to those in need.  

They have asked for:
1.) First aid kits  
2.) School supplies for students - pencils, pens, notebooks, book bags, arts and crafts materials, etc.
3.) Batteries, flashlights (some places won’t get their power returned until May) 
4.) Gift cards from Walmart or Costco that can be given out to needy families. 

We will be collecting February 1-9 - and the decorated silver can will be in the lobby for your donations! 

Please act quickly and keep that Wahoo generosity going in 2018!  

Thank you!

Wahoo National Team - Outreach