Fast is Good February

Here are go - for the last month of the Age Group Throwdown Challenge. This month is the FINAL month! 

Results from the last several months:
October: Blue group won with leadership and ownership
November: Green group won the attendance challenge with 59% attendance.
December: White group won the goal sheet reflection challenge.
January: Red group won the repeat 100s challenge with 127 points.


During the month of February, it’s very important that athletes are preparing to swim fast leading up to and during the championship season. It is also important that athletes are getting excited, building confidence, and swimming fast during practice.

This month, athletes from their respective groups will race at practice to achieve best times. The goal is to get as many best times as possible DURING practice. Each athlete in each group must participate. The group with the most best times during practice for the month of February wins.

This is the final challenge for the 2017-2018 short course season. 

Good luck!

Focused. Tough. Committed. Proud

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