CAATastic Swimmers for January


           CAATfish – Sadie Jessee

Sadie has had a great season so far. She always comes to practice ready to go with a big smile on her face. She is always excited to try new things and she really has stepped up as a leader in the group. Her biggest improvement in the past couple weeks has been her butterfly, especially her dolphin kick. It’s very exciting to see her constantly work hard to learn new skills such as doing flip turns. Great job Sadie, keep it up!

             Stroke Development – Lucas Evanson

Lucas began this month with a question: what does it take to move up to Age Group?  The answer for him was (1) kick harder in every stroke and (2) pay attention to and read the clock.  Since that discussion, Lucas has been on a tear.  The flutter kick, which was a weakness of his is now becoming a strength.  We love to see swimmers who attack their weaknesses rather than shying away from the challenge.  This is good swimming! 

             Age Group – Graham Cobden

There are two main reasons why Graham is deserving of CAATastic this month. First, he made 72% of the practices offered.  This equates to 4-5 practices per week.  Showing up is half the battle and Graham showed up.  The second reason Graham earned CAATastic is that he makes the most out of each practice.  Graham was in the top tier for last week’s WoW and was ranked 1st among AG in the previous week’s WoW.  Those results are not outliers, but indicative of how he approaches each set. 

             Fitness – Alice Johnson

Alice has had a good season so far, she comes to every practice ready to work hard, and always gives her best at every meet she attends. This month Alice has demonstrated excellent work during Workout Wednesday’s.  She has made all test sets and has kept her name on the top of the list as one of the swimmers who performances well during WoW. She’s a great example to many of the younger swimmers during practices and she encourages them to push themselves to finish every workout.

           Age Group Performance – Savannah Cockrill

Sav is always asking what she can do to improve specific aspects of her swimming. She takes all of the suggestions I make and works tirelessly to get better. She also rocked the challenge set, going close to her best time in the 200 and 100!

           Senior – Ellie Snyder

Ellie regularly comes to practice and always comes ready to work with a positive attitude. Ellie regularly challenges herself in practice, and uses feedback to improve what she is working on in practice. It is great to see the work Ellie has been putting in at practice pay off a great 200 breast at the Winter Challenge meet.

            Senior Performance

No one for January.  We've had a good month of work.  Lots of solid "B" level performance from a core group of very dedicated athletes.  Rather than award the best of the pretty good, I'd like to challenge each and every member of the group to evaluate their own performance & bring someone else with them.  If we're striving for exceptional in March and beyond, we need to be elevating our practice habits and intensity each and every day.  Leave your comfort zone,  stop waiting to be great or "for your turn", take control.  Do it now.


CAATfish – Drew Olsen

Drew has been working really hard to try and nail down some of the boxes on the CAATfish chart. Drew has been focusing a lot on his breaststroke, and we have seen a lot of progress for him on that stroke in particular.  Most notably, Drew has been able to work his way up to being able to consistently do a great race start from the blocks. Keep it up Drew!

            Stroke Development Lucy Le

Lucy has had a spectacular January. With the introduction of our team-wide “Workout Wednesdays” Lucy has shown that she is up for the challenge, showing great success with each week's set. During the Workout Wednesday on January 17, Lucy ended up with the fastest average out of all Stroke Development swimmers.

            Age Group – Matthew Nguyen

Matthew always comes to practice with a smile on his face ready to support his teammates. He cheers on his teammates at both swim meets and practice and has a genuine interest in everyone's swimming. This positive attitude has served him well as he is determined to fight through the tougher A intervals. 

AGP/Senior – Dylan Carr

Dylan has done a really great job of pushing himself out of his comfort zone.  Since the beginning of the season, I’ve been watching his confidence grow in practice and it has transferred nicely to his races.  He is open to stroke changes and making those changes have benefited his races. His hard work is definitely paying off!  Keep up the great work, Dylan!


CAATfish – Emma Ye

Emma has made a lot of improvements this year, getting closer and closer to being comfortable with all of her strokes. Her most significant improvement is seen in her flip turns. After much practice, Emma is now and to flip properly and is getting more comfortable doing so at the walls. This is a great improvement that will get her ready for longer races!

Stroke Development – Max Robbins

It is very clear to see that Max is in love with swimming. He is full of excitement and is always ready for the next challenge. This is most notable in his backstroke, recently setting the record for 8 and unders in the 50 and 100! He works hard everyday to improve and and loves to see his teammates improve as well.

Age Group – Sahana Subramanian

Having just moved up from stroke development, Sahana has made incredible improvements in her swimming. She is one of the most upbeat and determined teammates. She is supportive of her teammate's and it is easy to see that she wants to work hard and wants to see everyone improve as well. Sahana seems to understand what it takes to be successful and is willing to put in the work!

AGP/Senior – Maya Gheewala

Maya has been a great great teammate and a great swimmer. She shows focus and determination towards improving her skills. Maya is clear on her goals and understands what it will take to reach them. She knows that being a team player will but only help her reach her goals but also help the rest of the team.