Border Champs or B/C Champs how to decide

How do you decide whether your swimmer should be in Border Champs or in B/C Champs?

Great question!!!

First, look at both meets under EVENTS.  They are different dates and apply to different audiences.  

Border Champs is Prelim/finals (you must make finals to score or earn awards).  There are qualifying times.  All 13 and over must swim Border Champs.

B/C Champs is timed finals (shorter meet and easier to score).  No qualifying times.  Only 12 and unders can enter.

You cannot enter both meets, only one or the other.  Coaches prefer for swimmers to enter highest meet for which they qualify.  This might leave younger kids at B/C and older kids at Borde Champs.

Everyone deserves a quality end of season meet.  Everyone should swim one meet or the other.  

You can look up your swimmers' times on USA Swimming at Click on Times and Times Search

Please ask your coaches if you aren't sure, we want everyone to have a great meet!