We would like to take this opportunity to remind and/or clarify a few important policies and procedures in regards to the use of the George Mason Aquatics and Fitness Center facility.
GMU will now be enforcing these policies for the remainder of the season. These policies and procedures are in place for your child's safety and protection. They have added new signage at the top of the stairs to help remind parents of the information below.
  1. SWIMMERS must have a bag tag.  They must enter and exit through the Swimmer Entrance down the long hallway (next to Lot C).  
  2. PARENTS who wish to escort younger swimmers to the locker rooms and/or pool deck, must also use the Swimmer Entrance with a valid BAG TAG.  
  3. BAG TAGS are not required for parents, siblings or swimmers to enter through the front entrance (main glass doors upstairs)--but your movement is limited to the viewing area/upstairs bleacher area.  
  4. *****You may not use the interior stairs to go downstairs to meet your child after your time in the viewing area/bleachers, even if you have a bag tag.  (Go back out and enter with your tag through the outside Swimmer Entrance.)******* 
  5. PARENTS and SWIMMERS should establish a designated post practice meeting place in spectator seating or at the swim team entry door.
  6. In the event of an emergency regarding your child, ask the front desk for the Manager on Duty for assistance.
They have warned us that Non-compliance of the above rules and/or disrespectful behavior to the GMU staff will not be tolerated, and may affect our team's usage of the facility, which may result in dismissal of our team.
Please share this information with whomever is taking or picking up your child to/from practice, as some spouses, friends, extended family members, or babysitters might not receive MAKO emails, or have access to our website.  Please contact us if you need to get a bag tag to escort your younger swimmer.
The George Mason Aquatics & Fitness Center is a great facility, and we do not want to loose any of our privileges as a team.  Thank you for your patience and adherence to their requests.