BHCC Nike Peak Performance Clinic - This Weekend

Hello Families,

I've received additional details regarding the Nike Peak Perfomance Swim Clinic at Blackhawk Country Club. Although I encourage it, I know not everyone may be able to attend both days of the clinic. Peak has provided a basic outline of the water time for each day that may assist you in choosing a specific day. Hope to see you there and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Go HOX! 

Coach Sean



Saturday Sunday
Butterfly Breaststroke
Backstroke Freestyle
Backstroke turns Freestyle turns
Drop down position (Ready Position) Backstroke Start
Front Start stance focus Front Start depth focus


The PEAK Spring Clinic at Blackhawk Country Club is LIVE! on both the Peak Performance Swim Camp website and NIKE-US Sports Camps website. 




Go direct to and enter the password peakhox2018.



Go to and choose the April 21-22 San Francisco Clinic on the SWIM CAMPS page and enter the password peakhox2018.