Dinos are in action this weekend on home turf for the 2018 Colleges Cup Mountain. As our Being the first meet of the new year, our Dinos will have the opportunity to dust of the cobwebs and make any final tweaks and changes before heading to the U Sport Championships in Toronto in just a couple short weeks. 

After day 1 of short course racing, our men sit in first place with 504.5 points, over the University of Alberta in second, and the University of Regina in third. On the womens side, UBC has the first place spot with 403.5 points. Our women are in second with 348 points, followed by the University of Lethbridge in third. 

The first event of last night was the mens and womens 200-meter medley relay. The womens A team of Erin Fones, Allison McCloy, Helena Neise, and Danica Ludlow won the event, and the B team of Stefanie Schmidt, Lauren Teghtsoonian, Rachael Grothe, and Julia Soutter placed 8th. The mens A team of Anders Klein, Frederik Kamminga, Christian Ng, and Parry Chirakorn also won the event, with the B team of Josh Dow, Ben Blackmon, Teddy Kalp, and Jarod Tsang finishing in third. 

The first individual event of the night was the womens 400 IM. Rookie Allison McCloy impressed once again in this event, finishing in second with a time of 4:51.41. Teammate Julia Ellis-Hale finished in 5th.

In the mens event, Tristan Cotè took the win and finished the race in 4:21.50, over 13 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. 

In the mens 100 breaststroke, Frederik Kamminga took the win with his time of 1:02.21. Teammate Ben Blackmon finished in third with a time of 1:03.28, followed by Rob Hill in 4th, and Liam Johnston in 5th. 

Danica Ludlow was the Dinos 5th win of the night in the womens 100 free with her time of 54.96. Teammate Robyn Lee finished in 7th, and rookie Julia Soutter finished in 8th. 

In the mens 100 free, Peter Brothers took first place with his time of 51.18. Connor Matthezing and Sterling King took 3rd and 4th, respectively.

In the 200 butterfly, Lauren Teghtsoonian was the top finisher for the Dinos in 3rd place with her time of 2:21.73. Rookie Helena Neise followed closely behind her in 4th with her time of 2:23.83. In the mens event, Christian Ngs time of 2:03.09 secured first place, while teammate Mohamed ElDeeb followed closely behind him in 2:04.64 for second. 

In the mens 50 breaststroke, Frederik Kamminga and Liam Johnston went 1-2 with their times of 28.96 and 29.07, respectively. Spencer Dow rounded out the event in 8th.

In the womens 100 backstroke, Patricia Fortier finished in 10th with her time of 1:07.34. In the mens event, Rob Hill took home first place with his time of 54.63. Anders Klein followed closely behind him in 55.48 for second. 

Next event of the night was the mens and womens 400 free. Danica Ludlow and Stefanie Schmidt went 1-2 in the womens event with their times of 4:10.20 and 4:26.76, respectively. Teammate Robyn Lee finished the event in 4:33.20. In the mens event it was another 1-2 finish for Peter Brothers and Tristan Cotè. Brothers time of 3:54.17 secured first place, with Cotè cruising in just half a second behind him in 3:54.52 for second place. Teddy Kalp finished the event in 4th, and Paul Latkovic and Chris Paproski finished in 7th and 8th, respectively. 

In the womens 100 butterfly, Helena Neises time of 1:03.72 was fast enough for third place. Teammates Jersey Biship and Rachael Grothe finished in 5th and 7th, respectively. 

In the mens 100 butterfly, Rob Hill took the win with his time of 54.87, followed closely by teammate Christian Ng in second with a time of 55.85. Sterling King finished in 4th, and Mohamed ElDeeb finished in 6th. 

In the womens 200 breaststroke, Allison McCloy finished with a time of 2:37.08 in second place. Lauren Teghtsoonian finished in 7th with her time of 2:42.80. In the mens 200 breaststroke, Frederik Kamminga won his second event of the evening with his time of 2:15.69, just two seconds ahead teammate Ben Blackmon who finished in second place. 

In the 50 butterfly and final individual event of the night, Connor Matthezing swam a 25.26 second 50 to secure first place. Josh Dow finished 5th with a 25.82, and teddy Kalp finished 7th with a 26.14. 

The last events of the night were the mens and womens 200-freestyle relays. On the womens side, the A team of Danica Ludlow, Julia Soutter, Hayley Sartain, and Helena Neise finished 2nd with their time of 1:47.88. The B team of Tracy Zhao, Rachael Grothe, Robyn Lee, and Caitlin Kohrs finished 6th. 

In the mens relay, the A team of Parry Chirakorn, Josh Dow, Teddy Kalp, and Sterling King placed 2nd, while the B team of Keith Dixon, Liam Johnston, Paul Latkovic, and Connor Matthezing placed 4th.

That wraps up the first night of racing at the 2018 Colleges Cup Mountain. There is one more session of racing this afternoon from 1-3 PM (MST) at the University of Calgary Aquatic Centre. Come out and support your Dinos for an exciting Saturday afternoon of long-course racing!