The 2018 Colleges Cup Mountain has come to an end, and our Dinos had a great weekend of racing that sets them up nicely to compete at the U Sport Championships in a short couple of weeks. Our mens team finished off the weekend of racing in first place with 953.5 points, with the University of Regina behind them in second, and the University of Alberta in third. On the womens side, the UBC Thunderbirds won the meet with 816.5 points, our Dinos finished in second with 691 points, and the University of Lethbridge followed in third. 

The first event of an afternoon filled with long course racing was the 400-freestyle relay. The womens A team of Danica Ludlow, Helena Neise, Julia Soutter, and Robyn Lee finished first, while the B team of Jersey Bishop, Rachael Grothe, Allison McCloy, and Hayley Sartain finished 6th. 

In the mens event, the A team of Parry Chirakorn, Tristan Cotè, Peter Brothers, and Teddy Kalp swam a 3:34.60 and won the event. The B team of Rob Hill, Ben Blackmon, Liam Johnston, and Frederik Kamminga finished 7th. 

In the womens 50 fly, Rachael Grothe rounded out the top three in 3rd place with her time of 29.53. In the mens event, Connor Matthezing finished 2nd with a 25.86, followed by Sterling King in 4th, and Keith Dixon in 6th. 

In the 100 breaststroke, Allison McCloy placed 4th in the womens event with her time of 1:17.91. In the mens event, our Dinos went 1-2-3-4 with Frederik Kamminga winning the event in 1:06.27, followed by Ben Blackmon in second with a 1:07.58, the Liam Johnston in third with a 1:08.79, and Christian Ng in 4th with a 1:09.15. Spencer Dow also swam the event, finishing in 6th place. 

In the womens 50 backstroke, Erin Fones swam a 31.38 second 50 for second place. Teammate Tracy Zhao also represented the Dinos, finishing 8th. In the mens event, Josh Dow and Rob Hill went 1-2, with Dow taking first place in a time of 26.80, and Hill finishing closely behind in 2nd with a 26.99. Kenton Williams and Anders Klein finished in 5th and 6th, respectively. 

In the 200 free, Danica Ludlow won the event by an impressive 11 seconds with her time of 2:02.94. Robyn Lee finished in 7th with a time of 2:14.38, and Lauren Teghtsoonian swam a 2:15.86 for 8th. 

Sterling King swam to his first win of the weekend in the mens 200 free with his time of 1:55.50. Peter Brothers was the next placing Dino in 3rd with a time of 1:58.13. Teddy Kalp, Tristan Cotè, and Paul Latkovic finished in 5th, 6th, and 7th, respectively. 

Next event of the afternoon was the 100 butterfly for the men and women. In the womens event, Jersey Bishop finished in 7th with a time of 1:07.69. Christian Ng was the top placing for the men in second with a time of 57.99. Following him in 6th was Mohamed ElDeeb with a time of 1:00.25. 

Patricia Fortier was the only lady Dino that raced the 200 back, her time of 2:38.48 put her in 3rd place. 
In the splash n dash 50 free, Danica Ludlow won the event in an impressive 27.05 seconds. Julia Soutter followed behind her in 4th, and Tracy Zhao finished in 8th. In the mens 50 free, Connor Matthezing and Josh Dow went 1-2. Matthezings time of 24.36 put him in first, while Dows time of 24.47 put him in second. 

In the 200 IM, Allison McCloy was the top finisher for the Dinos in 5th place on the womens side. Julia Ellis-Hale finished in 7th with a time of 2:31.73. 

In the mens 200 IM, Rob Hill swam a 2:10.62 and finished 2nd, followed by Peter Brothers in 3rd with a 2:11.02. Christian Ng, Teddy Kalp, and Tristan Cotè also swam the event finishing in 5th, 7th, and 8th, respectively. 

In the 50 breaststroke, Lauren Teghtsoonian finished in 8th on the womens side, while Liam Johnston, Frederik Kamminga, and Ben Blackmon finished in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, respectively, on the the mens side.

The womens 800 free was the last individual events of the afternoon. Jersey Bishop finished the event in second with her time of 9:25.08. 

Last events of the afternoon were the mens and womens 400 medley relay. The womens A team of Danica Ludlow, Allison McCloy, Helena Neise, and Julia Soutter finished second behind the UBC T-Birds. The mens A team of Rob Hill, Frederik Kamminga, Christian Ng, and Peter Brothers won the event in a 3:54.29.

Congratulations to our Dinos and all other teams on a quick weekend of racing! Final preparations begin shortly as our teams head into the championship season and take off to Toronto in just a couple short weeks.