February Team Newsletter

GA Age-Group (14 & Under) State Championship: February 15th - 18th  (Registration deadline: February 7th)

Held at GA Tech Aquatic Center, this is the State Championship meet for all 14 & Under swimmers. This is a qualifying meet. See qualifying times by clicking here. Find more information and sign up by clicking here.

Third Tuesday: February 20th 

This is our regular monthly meeting night. However, due to the upcoming Divisional meet, we WILL have regular practices. We will move the meeting night to the fourth Tuesday, this month only. 

Southeastern Divisional Championships: February 23rd - 25th  (Registration deadline: February 9th)

Held in Savannah, GA - This meet is for ALL Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum group members, as well as those Blue group swimmers who have been invited by Coach Grace. From a team standpoint, this is our most important meet of the year, and we are asking for 100% participation. We do not yet have an event file, but preliminary meet information has been posted to the event page, and the meet is open for registration. Please go ahead and register so we can place our Divisional team t-shirt order. See more information and register here

Fourth Tuesday: February 27th 

This month only, our monthly meeting night is moved to the 4th Tuesday, so that it will not interfere with our training for the SE Divisional Championship meet. There will be NO practices for any groups except Blue 2. Blue 2 will practice at their regularly scheduled time.

March Madness: March 10th - 11th (Registration deadline: February 27th)

Held at GA Tech. This meet is open to all 11 & Over swimmers who have achieved a B time standard or better during this 2017-2018 Short-Course season (times earned at the SE Divisional meet will count as a qualifying time). Motivational time standards can be found by clicking here. To find more information click here.

Eastern Age-Group Sectionals: March 15th - 18th  (Registration deadline: March 1st)

Held at GA Tech Aquatic Center, this is the Eastern Sectionals Championship meet for all 14 & Under swimmers. This is a qualifying meet. See qualifying times by clicking here. Find more information and sign up by clicking here.

Spring Break: March 24th - April 1st 

Annual Spring Break. Practices will resume Monday, April 2nd.

Lifeguard Certification/Recertification Course: March 26th - 28th  (Registration deadline: Limited seats available, first-come first-serve)

This is the first of two yearly Lifeguard classes offered by WRA. The next class will be a weekend class, typically scheduled in May. The cost for all currently-registered WRA members is $200/certification and $125/recertification (non-members must also pay a $50 registration fee). For more information and to sign up, click here.

Committee Corner:

Last month, we started a list of families interested in joining our Officials Committee. Members of this committee will be notified of opportunities to obtain their USA Swimming Official certification, and will then help guide other WRA families through the process in the future. While we look forward to the construction of a new facility in Houston County, that will be able to host competitive USA and High School meets, we need to prepare by organizing a group of certified officials. Several WRA members attended last month's Stroke & Turn class, and are now working on their apprenticeship. For those interested in becoming an official who were not able to attend that training class and who have not yet notified us of your interest, please email assistant@wraswim.com to have your name added to the list, so that you can be notified of upcoming training classes.

We are also reorganizing two other committees for those parents who wish to participate. Current opportunities include Facility Maintenance (bubble put-up/take-down, pool painting, etc), and Event-Planning (banquet, and planning of parent and swimmer social events) committees. Anyone interested in joining either of these committees should also email assistant@wraswim.com, and include the committee of interest, as well as any special skills that you might have, especially as pertaining to facility maintenance.


Team Store:

Don't forget: WRA has partnered with SwimOutlet for our online team store, offering equipment and apparel. Team suits and recommended equipment are easy to find, just look for your swimmer's group name to find suggested gear. SwimOutlet offers great prices, and free shipping on orders over $49 - plus, a portion of all purchases made through our team store link will be donated back to WRA in the form of pool equipment and training gear. Please consider purchasing your swim gear through the store, and share the link with friends and family who may use SwimOutlet - In addition to competition and practice suits, they also sell fitness, recreation, and fashion swimwear and apparel for the whole family.

You can access the team store from the button on the left of the home page, or save this url for future access: http://www.swimoutlet.com/wraswim

Notes from the Coach:

As we go through the process of developing as athletes, meet participation is important. Meets are the most objective way to measure the improvements of the season. Our Divisional Championship meet offers a high-quality, competitive, end-of-season meet, where swimmers can realize the full potential of their season, and reach any remaining season goals. This meet is the culmination of our season, and it is important that ALL eligible swimmers participate.

We are quickly approaching the final cycle of our season (Late Season/Championship Meet Taper). Following is the explanation of this cycle, as taken from our Training Cycles page:

Typically the swimmers’ favorite cycle, the final cycle is the culmination of the season’s hard work. However, as implied in the previous statement, this cycle can only truly be enjoyed by the swimmer who has put in the hard-work necessary to appreciate it, by fully participating in each of the previous cycles. This is the time to really refine those specific skills that are crucial to racing success: Starts, turns, strokes, pacing, and finishes. The focus this cycle is:

  1. Recovery of the body’s physiological systems from previous cycles
  2. Preparation– both mental and physical. During this cycle, practice durations will gradually decrease, allowing the body to rest before the final competition.

At the end of this training cycle, the last big meet of this season, swimmers finally reap the benefits of all their hard work and training. These are the meets when each swimmer will want to wear his/her best suit - preferably a technical suit, and they will want to shave for the competition.

More details on our training cycle can be found by clicking here.

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