Team Update 2/5/18

Team update 2/5/18


This weekend!

Good Luck to all the Wahoos swimming at Weslyan this weekend at the WHAT Invitational.  We have 130 swimmers attending this weekend!  WAY TO GO WAHOOS!

  • Practice Changes:
  • Friday
    • Maroon/gold Combined 4:15-5:30
    • JR/SR  No practice
  • Saturday
    • NO Jr/Sr/V/M/G/SS/SB practice


Wahoo Outreach for February

This February in honor of Valentine’s Day let’s send some WAHOO love to Puerto Rico!  Our WAHOO family has family on the ground working on relief efforts and with churches to distribute items to those in need.  

They have asked for:
1.) First aid kits  
2.) School supplies for students - pencils, pens, notebooks, book bags, arts and crafts materials, etc.
3.) Batteries, flashlights (some places won’t get their power returned until May) 
4.) Gift cards from Walmart or Costco that can be given out to needy families. 

We will be collecting February 1-9 - and the decorated silver can will be in the lobby for your donations! 

Please act quickly and keep that Wahoo generosity going in 2018!  

Thank you!

Wahoo National Team - Outreach



  • Wahoo Annual Recognition Banquet night is April 24th!  Mark your calendars!


Ask the WPAC

  • Wednesday, Feb 7th 6PM in the lobby!  Stop by and ask any questions you might have!


Regional Championships

  • Signups/sign outs close FRIDAY!  There will be NO LATE additions! as the enytry is done through CT Swimming!
  • You can see the entry on the calander for 12/under and 13/over
  •  Remember 13/over are entered in events they qualify for UNLESS you sign them out and/or speak to your coach.

POOL ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE KNOWN TILL THE WEEK BEFORE THE MEET!  Do not base your signing up on location!  FOR MANY THIS IS THEIR CHAMPIONSHIP MEET!! or a last chance to qualify for Age Groups!


Wahoos Apparel & Gear Online Store

·          Wednesday, February 7th will be the deadline for the third and final order cycle of the 2017/2018 season.

·         Deliveries will be around February 21st.

·           NOTE: Black flap caps are discontinued at this time.  There is a minimum of 12 orders required for hoodies.  There is a minimum of 12 orders combined for other screened items (i.e. 4 chairs and 8 tees would work) There is NO minimum order needed for other items.  If we do not receive the minimum for the screened items, we will notify you.  Please email Laurie Jandura, with any questions!  Thanks!

Remember, orders may be placed with Metro Swim Shop at any time!


Team Photos

Please pick up!  They are in the Wahoo office before we start cleaning again!!


Away Meet Work Requirements 

Tis the season with Championships upon us!

Suma Iyer is away meet work assignor,

Families must notify Suma as far in advance as possible if there is a change to the swimmers meet entry or if they have a specific request concerning work assignment at away meets.

Whenever possible, Trained workers will not be given jobs at non-championship away meets.


  • As soon as possible in advance of an away meet, the Away Meet Job Assignor will get the entries from the coaches for the swimmers participating in the away meet.
  • Job shifts will be assigned to each family based on their swimmer’s participation during the weekend and their preference as noted to the Away Meet Job Assignor before the assignments have been made.
  • Families who have not provided their preference will be assigned based on swimmer entry and any issues with their assignment will have to be handled independently by that family.
  • Families with swimmers participating at multiple away meets on the same weekend will not be assigned a work requirement at both meets on the same day.
  • Families with parents who will be officiating at an away meet must inform the Away Meet Job Assignor that they are doing so in order not to be given an additional job over that weekend.
  • If swimmer’s participation in the meet has changed during the entry period, the family must inform the Away Meet Job Assignor so that they are not given a job assignment when their swimmer is not participating.
  • Emails will be sent out to families as soon as possible in advance of the meet to confirm their job responsibility. All information regarding jobs, including family names, emails, and phone numbers will be available and any switches will be the responsibility of each family. THE JOB ASSIGNOR CAN HELP, BUT WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SWITCHES.


  • Penalties will be assessed to families who do not work their assigned shift.
  • Each time a family does not show up to perform their required away meet work obligation they will be fined $150.
  • If there are outstanding Away Meet Work penalty amounts prior to the championship season the swimmer will not be allowed to participate.
  • If there are any outstanding Away Meet Work penalty amounts at the end of the short course season and until all penalties have been paid, all swimmers in the family will not be allowed to begin practice and participate in the long course season.
  • If there are any outstanding Away Meet Work penalty amounts at the end of the long course season (for short or long course) and until all penalties have been paid, the swimmer will not be allowed to register for the next short course season. 

Y Housekeeping Items !

  • Wahoo swimmers are reminded they should bring Y membership card to practice each night so they can scan at entry to the Y.
  • Drop off and Pick up at practice:
    • Please DO NOT park in front of the Y as you pick up and/or drop off your swimmers.  It is designated a non-parking area as it is marked accordingly.  This causes a dangerous situation for swimmers and others walking in the lots.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
  • Reminder:  11 and unders need to accompanied into/and out the building per YMCA policy.  They should NOT be dropped off!