Teaching Tuesday: GA Swimming's Anti-Bullying Policy

Along with Safe Sport, Georgia Swimming also has adopted USA Swimming’s Anti-Bullying Policy which is equally as important. GA Swimming strongly believes in and encourages creating a safe and fun environment for every swimmer. Neither USA Swimming or GA Swimming tolerates bullying in any form, so it is crucial for athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and also parents to make sure that it does not happen.

“Bullying of any kind is unacceptable within GA Swimming and will not be tolerated. Bullying is counterproductive to team spirit and can be devastating to a victim. It is committed to providing a safe, caring and friendly environment for all of our members. If bullying does occur, all athletes and parents should know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. Anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell a coach, board member or athlete/mentor.”

Bullying can often be overlooked if it does not seem obvious to someone, while it may still be affecting someone in a negative manner. It can be defined as the use of aggression, whether it may be intentional or not, and ends up hurting someone. This results in pain, distress, and anxiety. It is important to make it clear that GA Swimming will not tolerate bullying and it can be avoided.

Here are a few tips to stop bullying:

  1. Intervene immediately; it’s okay to ask for help from an adult
  2. Separate those involved
  3. Make sure everyone is okay and safe
  4. If anyone needs medical help, make you that is immediately attended to
  5. Show respectful behavior

Additional resources:

Policies and Procedures

Teaching Tuesday Contribution by Megan Kinglsey