SRST March Championship Relays

Hello Team,

One of our team goals is always score the highest number of points possible in our end of season championships.  Relays are scored double points and thus having strong relays is critical for team points.

With this goal in mind our obvious job is to put our 4 fastest swimmers (or 8 fastest if we do two relays/12 fastest for 3 etc.) on the blocks at the highest level meet.

We have struggled to execute this goal in the past, so we have a new protocol to encourage advanced planning and to emphasize to the entire team the importance of participating on relays.


We will start to collect names for relays immediately.  Please note that you could be the fastest swimmer on the team and you will not be considered for the relays if you do not communicate to Coach Ben your availability.  

The ideal response we are looking for:
Swimmer responds to Coach Ben ASAP with either "AVAILABLE" or "RELAY ONLY" and the name of the meet/meets you can attend.

This will help us plan well in advance of the meet.  We hope to see our 4 fastest swimmers (or more if we have additional qualifying relays) on the blocks at all championship meets.  As names come in, Ben will rank the swimmers in order of speed so everyone can see how the relays stack up given the current best times.

Championship meets are in December, March and July/Aug.


Coach Ben