Marlins Newsletter - 2.6.18

Table of Contents

  1. TYR Meet - Thank You & Results
  2. Please Vote - Tindar & Jocelyn
  3. Beacon Trainers - On Deck
  4. SC End of Season + LC Season Start
  5. Practice Changes / Updates
  6. Marlins Polo - Registration Now Open!
  7. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  8. Quote

TYR Meet - Thank You & Results

Thank you so much to our volunteers, officials, and visiting officials for who made the meet last weekend possible.   Tons of great swims & smiling faces were seen on the pool deck.

Click Here for results page.    


Below is a recap note from Joe Replogle, our Competition Chair.

"Thank you for all your help running one of the most competitive meets in the region over the past few days!  We received praise from every visiting team for running such a great event.  I’m personally thankful for the all the volunteers that put in overtime all weekend.  I’m fairly confident a few people never went home to sleep.

The clinic for new officials was also a great success.  We had 12 parents attend the class!  Thank you to those that stepped up to this unique challenge.
And finally, we had a lot of people training in specialized positions around the pool all weekend.  There were new people on the Data Board, new Head Timers, and new computer system operators in the office.  It is terrific to see so many new people stepping up to help our kids.
Thanks again,

Please Vote - Tindar & Jocelyn

Tindar Cyr & Jocelyn Spanbauer (National Group) are nominated for LaRosa's HS Athlete of the Week.  Please consider voting online and supporting your teammates!  Deadline to vote is Friday @ 3p.

Click Here for ballot.

Beacon Trainers - On Deck

Beacon Orthopaedic trainers will be on-site on the following Saturdays at Keating should any athlete be interested in visiting them with any questions.

Feb 10, 8-10a

Feb 17, All weekend (Regional Meet)

Feb 24, 9a-Noon

Mar 3, 9a-Noon

Mar 10, 9a-Noon

SC End of Season + LC Season Start

The following dates will be end of season for Short Course (by group):

- Red 3, Red 4, all Fish groups...Sun Feb 25 (Splash Meet).  See you in April!

- Red 2, Red 1...Sun Feb 18 (Regionals) for those not qualifying for Junior Olympics.  Swimmers whose seasons end here will be offered 1x week "maintenance workouts" thru week of Mar 12, schedule tbd.

- Red 2, Red 1, Blue 2, Blue 1 Junior Olympic swimmers Sun Mar 18 (Junior Olympics)

- All HS athletes...either Senior Meet, Sectionals, or TYR Cup.  See your coach.

Tentative Start Date for Long Course season will be Mon, Apr 9!

Practice Changes / Updates

Any upcoming changes will be communicated directly by your Lead Site Coach, also be sure to review your location’s Google Calendar at -> Locations.

  • Keating​​​
    • ​Fri Feb 9 (HS Sectional Meet)
      • ​National, Blue 1, Blue 2...3:30-5p at Keating.
    • ​Sat Feb 10 (HS Sectional Meet)
      • ​National, Blue 1, Blue 2...8-9:45a at Keating.
      • Red 1, 10:30a-12p at Sycamore HS.
      • Red 2, 12-1:30p at Sycamore HS.
      • Red 3, 1:30-2:30p at Sycamore HS.
    • ​Thurs Feb 15 (Regional Meet)
      • ​National, Blue 1, Blue 2...3:30-5p at Keating.
      • Red 1, Red 2 (not swimming at Regionals).  6-7:30p at Keating.
      • ​Red 3 & 4 - Moved to Wed Feb 14.
    • ​Mon Feb 19 (Presidents Day)
      • ​National, 11a-12:30p
      • Blue 1, 11a-1p
      • Blue 2, 11a-12:30p
      • Red 1, 12:30-2:15p
      • Red 2, 12:30-2p
      • Red 3, 1-2:15p
      • Red 4, 1-2p
  • ​Sycamore​​​
    • ​Mon Feb 19 (Presidents Day) - TBD.
  • ​NKU
    • See Coaches Dom & Deena.

Marlins Polo - Registration Now Open!

The Cincinnati Marlins Water Polo team is now open for registration.  Please visit for info!

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

SW Ohio Regional Championships Feb 15-18 Red 2, Red 1, Blue 2.  Ages 14 & Under only not yet achieved Junior Olympic Time Standards Passed
CM Splash Into Spring Invite Sun Feb 25 Red 3, Red 4, All Fish Groups Passed
CM Qualifier Meet. Tues Feb 27 All Ages 15+, plus Ages 14 & Under who are within .5 sec (per 50) of a time standard Mon, Feb 26
Ohio Senior Meet.  Bowling Green, Oh. Mar 2-4 Ages 14 & Over who attended HS Passed
Junior Olympics.  Oxford, Oh Mar 16-18 Ages 14 & Under with qualifying times. Mar 1 (automatically entered by coaches)
TYR Junior National Cup.  Lynchburg, Va. Mar 20-24 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1
Speedo Sectionals.  Akron, Oh Mar 22-25 Senior athletes with qualifying times. Mar 1


Quote:  "To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought." - Tom Robbins

**If you have any great swimming or generally motivational quotes, please forward to Coach Ryan!  Always looking for more...