SWAT, Update Wednesday February 7 2018


Jr. Champs this Weekend!

Championship season is officially here!

Jr. Champs kicks off our end of the season meets this weekend in Clarkston, WA. We are the third largest team going into the meet this year with 34 swimmers in attendance. This is a Championship Prelims/Finals Meet. This means that the 8 fastest from prelims in each event come back to swim again at night. Warm-up Times, Psych Sheet, and Entries below.

All swimmers are expected to attend finals warm-up and cheer on the team regardless of whether they qualified individually. This is for several reasons: Remember, we are driving to Clarkston, WA for a swim meet, not to go to a movie or go shopping. The experience gained from attending and watching finals cannot be reproduced or “made up”. Both the swimmers and parents learn from the experience. Swimmers that attend finals are more likely to qualify in the future because they understand the expectations and what it means to be competitive at that level. Lastly, imagine your child qualifies for finals and no teammates show up to cheer. Good teams show up to finals to stand together as a team.   

SWAT Timing Requirements

We have been assigned Lane 2 for the weekend, we will need two timers. Parents please organize and make sure everyone does their part. We cannot have one family timing all sessions the entire weekend.

Lane 6- SWAT- 2



Timed Finals @ 3:45pm

Saturday and Sunday

Prelims @ 7:45am

               Finals TBA

Click Here for the Jr. Champs Pre-Scratch Psych Sheet

Click Here for Individual Entries


Big Meet Parent and Swimmer Education

With the end of the season here and our first Prelims/Finals Meet this weekend, there is a lot of excitement around our sport and high performance. With high performance comes pressure and the higher the performance the greater the pressure. Swimmers, parents and coaches are reminded to keep it simple. The goal at our championship meets is to do your best. At this point everyone is invested in the swimmers’ performance, most of all the swimmers. The swimmers need to feel confident in their training and relaxed going into competition. The more tense or more nervous they are about performance the less likely they will reach their potential. In many cases at championship meets it’s not what you do with them at the meet, but how you stay out of the way to let them do what they have trained to do. The best thing to do as parents is to keep everything positive, keep them comfortable by providing snacks, water, or dry clothes and let them know you’re there supporting them and the team ( wear your SWAT shirts). These championship meets have been months in the making, beginning last September when we first jumped in the water for the short course season. The work now has already been done or it hasn’t. Keep the mindset “of do your best and have fun racing” and let the swimmers do what they came there to do, regardless of the outcome.

You cannot predict the outcome, so don’t try. Instead focus on the process to accomplish what you want. The process is the only thing you can control. Chasing times at championship meets doesn't get swimmers into finals. Beating the field you’re matched up against does.

Swimmers: Now it’s up to you, to do what you need to do, in order to take advantage of all these months in the water. It doesn't make any sense to train day in and day out for 6-8 months only to hinder your performance at the meet because you’re not taking care of your body. 

·         Warm-up and warm-down properly; be early to be on time

·         Stay hydrated carry a water bottle

·         Snack, keep something in your stomach. Don’t starve yourself

·         Stay warm, bring your warm ups

·         Race Hard, best times don’t just happen. Just because you are at this meet doesn't mean you get to swim fast. You are going to have to work for it.

·         Support each other, SWAT has presence. Let everyone know it!

·         Have fun, swimming fast is fun, achieving a goal is fun, racing with your teammates is fun!


Parents: This can be an extremely stressful time for some parents. The big expectations you have for your child can be overwhelming. The fear of the unknown will lead to second guessing and anxiety unless your emotion is managed. If your emotion going into these championship meets is not managed, you run the risk of sabotaging not only your own child’s swimming but others as well. This second guessing is what athletes go through all the time. The athletes that can best eliminate the negative/second guessing language and focus on the task at hand are the ones who progress the furthest. Second guessing in the stands and shared fear among the parents in the bleachers only serves to discredit the training your swimmer has done, the coach and ultimately the program. The swimmers will lose confidence in their program and their training and that results in poor and erratic performances. The swimmers have a lot of momentum going into the Championships Meets this next month. They have faith and pride in the work they have been doing in training and that confidence will translate into better and more consistent performances. The questioning and second guessing will negatively affect the swimmers. You have a responsibility to your swimmers and to other swimmers on the team to keep all things positive in the stands. Part of that responsibility includes telling negative parents and gossipers around you that this is not the time or place to vent perceived problems and that it is counterproductive to what the team wishes to accomplish collectively. If parents have questions or concerns the only people that can accurately answer or address them are the coaches not other parents. Keep It positive and keep it simple.